Weekly Tarot Reading

Weekly tarot and oracle messages will be posted each Monday, but they will publish as a regular blog post on the home page, first. I will transfer the posts here to this page for chronological viewing at the end of each week.

Until then, see below for information about divination, readings, and what they mean! Feel free to post comments or questions. To book your own personalized reading, head over to the “connect with us” page, and send an email! 


FAQs: Readings, Divination, Tarot/Oracle

Oracle and tarot readings are forms of energetic & spiritual communication that rely on the ability of the reader to listen to messages sent by the cards, the person receiving the reading, spirit, and his/her own intuitive gifts. The person doing the reading is a vessel who delivers whatever message that is meant to be received by the client/clients; therefore, ones willingness and openness is helpful (but not required, because energy is energy).

Many people seek oracle & tarot readings to gain clarity on something in their life or spirit that they already know. The reading is merely a confirmation, or stepping stone, for the person to encourage self-trust and/or to guide him/her to the next place in their journey. For some, readings reveal things that were not at the forefront of their consciousness, which helps to heal or move forward.

There is no such thing as a “bad” reading, because energy is energy. What presents itself through the cards is based on the energy & intention of the person being read…and there are no mistakes.

What is a tarot reading?

  •  Tarot readings tend to be more structured (re:major and minor arcanas), more in depth, and more “intense” with messages on both inner struggles and triumphs. These readings can predict, giving warning to, and shine light on areas in one’s journey that may have happened, or will happen.

What is an oracle reading?

  • Oracle readings tend to be more of positive affirmations that encourage different aspects of healing in a person’s life. Oracle cards are a little less structured and intimidating for those who have never received readings before.

What is an oracle?

  • An oracle is a medium with psychic abilities who uses their spirit and intuitive gifts to provide messages to those who seek. An oracle is also the message itself, that is sent through the spiritual realm, to reach the person in need or seeking.

Weekly Reading May 7th-14th

As we step into a new week, on the verge of the upcoming New Moon, we begin to harness the energies that will send us the messages we need.

Tune in.

Now is the perfect time to sharpen your intuition and to begin to think about what new projects you will manifest. What is important here, is to set your intention to receive what meets your Highest. There are pieces in each week’s reading that will speak to your soul, no matter where you are in your journey. Receive them.

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Ruby: The medicine of ruby inspires us to S H I N E by healing deeply-rooted traumas so that we can clear the way for our limitless powers. Resonating with the sacral chakra, ruby heals our emotional centers, especially the areas that tell us we are not good enough. Ruby also aids in enhancing our sensuality, creativity, and emotional stability. We have drawn this card for the week to remind us to release whatever holds us back from truly shining! If you struggle with fear, anxiety, or any type of emotional imbalance, then let those harmful roots GO so that you may become fully illuminated.


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Calcite: This crystal balances all chakras, as it calls us to practice deep R E L A X A T I O N. When we move throughout this week, be reminded to take time out of each day to get in tune with what relaxes your mind, body, and spirit. We will be unable to give ourselves to others at work and home, if we do not feel a sense of peace within. Practice this week, calming the mind when people, thoughts, or situations come up that trigger unhealthy emotions. Also, try taking at least 10 minutes out of your day to go within, and relax.

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Amethyst: The crystal amethyst connects with our third eye, or pineal gland. This week, we are being called to up our M E D I T A T I O N so that we can stay in alignment with our highest self. If you have been feeling the need to draw away from people more, and to stay to yourself a little more than usual, this is typically a sign that there are important messages for you to receive. Meditation allows us to fulfill a sense of inner peace and relaxation, while also opening up our spirits to get the messages that matter most at the moment. Healer of self, be sure to take time out to meditate this week, as you will feel immense relief about something important to you that you have been wanting to hear.

Source: Reading this week is from Rachelle Charman’s Crystal Reading Cards deck. I use the cards, and the outlines in the oracle booklet to guide the delivery of my message; but no exact words are copied in the readings posted on this site. For more information about oracle and tarot readings, please visit the “Weekly Tarot/Oracle” page. I will also move the blog posts to that page as well at the end of each week, so that they will be in chronological order in one location for viewing.


Peace  & Eternal Light,

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