A Divine Union: We Are Alive


We are taught love through the examples that we see over the span of our lives, spiritual and physical. From a child returning to this earthly realm, our spirits know what love is, but as we grow and watch how love is taught, before our very eyes, we become that love. Our ideas about love change.

I Am love, today, because I found it in myself after not understanding what it truly was to me. Finding it in self, in its purest form, allowed me to seek all the things that started me on my own spiritual journey. I realized that there was so much more to my life. A rebirth…

To my love. To the way that I loved myself, and to the way that I wanted to be loved back.

I began to crave things that would elevate my entire being, but I had no idea that would lead me to lose so many things that I thought I was supposed to have forever. My spiritual journey began forcing people, ideas, routines, and material things out of my life for good. I always felt lonely, even being surrounded by people, but when this trek began, I felt like I found home in myself. I also felt like there was another soul searching for the same thing as mine. The marriage that I was in for five years was based on a comfortable, common, love, but it did not serve my highest purpose. I had endured so many things in my marriage, because I thought I had to. I knew that I had to break the love cycles that I was so familiar with. I began to face the chambers of my soul, which revealed a reality that I always knew was there: I was not truly happy…there was more to my life, and to my purpose. Opening this spiritual portal felt like opening a wound. I faced the pain of the wound, but I had no idea that the healing would result in a self-revolution. A love revolution.

After spending intentional time with myself daily in meditation, many things began to manifest in my spirit. One evening, I sat down on my window bench and wrote down all the things that I wanted in another soul. All the things that I wanted in a partner…in a man. At that time, I had no idea that the universe would deliver exactly what I wrote down so rapidly. My marriage had already gone through years of “push and pull,” and I knew that now was the time to release myself. I knew that love was not emotional void, physical harm, complacency…I knew that it was time to take a step towards my happiness, for good. I chose myself.  I wanted to travel the path with another soul who would understand me for me. Someone who would dive into a book, into their own mind, and pull out the most beautiful things. Someone who also shed layers of their lower self just to find something higher. Someone who wanted to do more for the world around them. Someone who also knew that their life purpose was much bigger than their self.

One of the most profound revelations I came to know was this:

I can have the type of love that I want. I do not have to live a life based on the ideals of love that others place on me. I do not have to live a life that fits the mold that society creates. I can be free and experience true peace, and true love, no matter what.

Then, something unexpected happened. The Universe delivered to me a love that I had no idea I was about to receive so soon! This familiar-feeling soul appeared out of what felt like nowhere. We shared with each other our minds, first, reading together and discussing our favorite metaphysical things. We exchanged energy thousands of miles apart, and I knew that this was much bigger than a temporary friendship. When he shared with me parts of his life vision, I was taken away, because it aligned perfectly with mine. This felt like the next lifetime I waited on. This felt like home. Practicing self love, patience, stillness, and self-development lead us to one another in the most divine way, and no obstacle stood in the way of this love. I am now here today, with a deeper story that will unfold through the messages of this blog. We are now here today, with  one another to begin our life mission together. We found love in ourselves, and then in one another. We are a love revolution.












The title credits to the amazing Steve-ography, and his Playlist 9.