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The Love (R)Evolution was created by two souls joining as one to serve a higher purpose of community building and healing. This blog is the manifestation of a powerful love force, here to share light and uplifting vibrations.  We bring a compilation of creations that share information on:

  • holistic health
  • spirituality
  • metaphysical tidbits
  • poetry & art
  • book reviews & product reviews
  • vegetarian & vegan recipes
  • local event updates
  • community service projects
  • entrepreneurial inspirations
  • self-healing
  • testimonies

We welcome you to a free space of love and light, and we hope that you take part in our peace. Scroll through, and be prepared to indulge in feeding the mind, heart, and soul.

Before you explore, please repeat this affirmation:

“I AM Love.

I AM Life.

I AM worthy of all things divine, because that is what I Am.



Peace, Love & Light from the Co-Creators.