TLRB Re-Launch: A Self-Love Series

We are starting off our “re-opening” with a nice reminder of where it all should begin. With Self. And what better way to continue The Love Revolution Blog’s mission of Enlightenment, Love, and Self-healing…with all of the above! As we move with the flow of our new spiritual space, our content will connect more to the truth of love, healthy relationships, healthy partnerships, and divine unions. We are cultivating a transparent and comfortable space to talk about things that you may not often see circulating in mainstream social media, and most certainly not mainstream media in general. Over the following weeks, we will get into the three aspects of “self-love” and what it looks like spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Let’s get into some deeper reflections of the notion of “self-love,” shall we?

We hear “self-love is the best love,” and phrases that remind us to love yourself first, but what does this really mean?

Do you know what it means to love yourself?

How do you express this love for yourself?

You may have seen the phrase “love yourself,” or “self-love is the best love,” but how do you apply this to your journey? In this age of technology, it can be easy to think we are doing our work when we are constantly scrolling, liking, and saving profound soul-touching words and messages; however, do we take the time to apply this knowledge?

When we talk about partnerships and relationships, sometimes the talk of “self-love” gets watered down, as if to say: “I have found my love, so now I’m good and I do not have to love myself anymore!” I know that’s not the reality, but sometimes, that is what can be portrayed through the media. But did you know that you must INCREASE the self-love whether you are in a partnership with someone else or not? Being able to sustain a healthy union is based on our ability to exist in harmony with ourselves, first. When we talk about manifesting the perfect partner or relationship, we must recognize that in order to attract this version that we seek, we must be able to embody the very thing that we want to see in someone else. The only way to do this is to be deeply in sync with your own needs and your own awareness.

So, what is self-love? Well, we don’t have all the answers, but this is a start.

Self-love is the act of embracing your body, mind, and soul by accepting yourself at each moment in life, regardless of what you may or may not have- regardless of where you are in life.

Self-love is checking in with your voice.

Self-love is the ability to tend to your being, first, without the need to diminish any part of you.

Self -love is doing what makes you feel good, balanced, and at peace.

Self-love is being able to hold yourself and cultivate a warmth that brings about unwavering peace. Self-love is being true with you.

Self-love is being able to simply be…with yourself.

Self-love is a courageous act in a world that constantly makes you feel that you need something or someone else to enhance your being.

Self-love is knowing that you are enough, and then living as such.

Self-love is both an act and a state of being. It is physical, mental, and spiritual.

Self-love is not a picture-perfect linear unfolding. Life all healing, it is complex and cyclical. We rise and fall, we go inward ad outward, as we change and grow within ourselves. We develop new expectations and desires. We try out new things. We are constantly learning how to love ourselves.

Now, think to yourself, how do I live self-love? What can I do to love myself more? What blockages prevent me from loving myself, fully?

We hope this helped to ignite a healthy moment of reflection on your journey! Stay tuned for the unfolding of the self-love series, and much more to come.

Comment below and share what you thought about this post! Share your definition of self-love!

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