The Departure, The Rebirth and The In-Between. Welcome Back!

The Love Revolution Blog Grand Re-Launch will be December 14th, 2020.

You don’t want to miss it!

Peace and Love Revolution to all of you Beautiful Souls! The Co-Creators of TLRB are still here after almost one year since our last post! We have traveled through many life changes, and we have grown in love because of it. We are the essence of what we share, The Love (R)Evolution. Things may have been quiet on the blog, but in life, they were alive and moving. I know that for you, too, life has been quite the ride since the last time we posted. If you are here to read and receive our warm welcome, then that is enough to find gratitude in, just for this moment. Without further ado, let’s get right into it. Don’t you love those kind of relationships where you can go days-weeks-months without talking, and then you can just pick right back up where you left off when the time is divine? Yup, that’s what this blog re-launch feels like.

As we reconnect, we bring forth the spiritual reminders of life’s ebb and flow. Things change drastically in the blink of eye. Things come to a halt. Things take on a new shape. Some things do not return, while others simply require time and space to find a new home. These “things” are more than things, however. These things are you and me. Life. Spirits.

We come to remind you of the natural flow of leaving, returning, and transforming once again. Divine Spirit enables us to go through some of the most uncomfortable experiences so that we can grow through them. Take a moment to reflect on how you were yesterday. Take a moment to think about who you were yesterday. While you may or may not feel the same, I can assure you: something has shifted.

Here’s what you have to look forward to with the new Love Revolution Blog content:

  • LOVE…and all things we know to be true/ not true about it.
  • “SHIPS”- relationships, partnerships, and a collection of upliftment for the soul’s of those seeking to heal, build, and grow in your connections & commitments.
  • BOOKS…the game-changers, the enlightening content and book recommendations, studies, and some opportunities for sharing e-books.

In the meantime, feel free to go back in the archives and let us know which were you favorites so that we can recreate some new pieces for the collective.

In addition to the relaunching of The Love Revolution Blog, here are two other creations that you may want to be apart of:

Healing For My People ( The weekly forecasts that we once posted here will be on this site now.

Instagram: @healingformypeoplellc

A.S.E’. Afrikan Soap Essentials ~ for natural skincare, wholesale, and more!


Instagram: @afrikan_soap_essentials

See you December 14th!

Peace & A Love Revolution

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