TLRB Wealth and Abundance Challenge, Day 5

Peace Co-creators of Wealth and Abundance,

We’ve made it to the final day (day 5) of The Wealth and Abundance Challenge, “Woke up…wealthy!” Today we are basking in our new vibration because we know and trust that we are tapped into our wealth flow. Once you learn and work on parts of your Self, you earn another achievement within. The most magnificent thing about this journey is giving yourself the honor and being able to truly see how you are growing! Today’s all about that. You have the tools within to have the life that you desire. We do.

Here’s the challenge exercise for today:

I will that you took something away from this for your journey to limitless Self. If wealth is something that you once detached yourself from because you didn’t physically have the things that people have to be considered wealthy, then I will that you have tuned in more with your creative powers and gifts! You are wealthy!


In wealth and abundance,

The Love Revolution Blog

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