Wealth & Abundance Healing Bath

Peace Wealthy Ones!

We posted this wealth bath ritual on our Instagram page earlier and I wanted to share details on it here so you all do not miss out on anything if you aren’t on Instagram. I’ve also added some extra info here for those who are subscribed. IN~joy

Enjoy some self-care, take it slower one of these days, and try this herbal healing bath that also serves as a manifestation tool. There are many variations to this and you can also put your own spin on it, depending on your own spiritual needs. I encourage you to look up the meaning and the health benefits of anything that you use for your healing.


Extra tips & further instructions for your wealth healing bath:

  • Intention is what holds the power. Before you enjoy your bath, really place your intention into the atmosphere and into your bath products. This means, think about why you are doing this and what you want to see for yourself. That is your power.
  • If there are leftover bay leave pieces floating around in your tub, use a colander to scoop them out before draining.
  • After you rest in the bath, before you get out of the tub, drain the water and then turn the shower head on to rinse the tub and yourself before stepping out. This represents washing away any old energy and the action being put to all that you just manifested. You trust now that it is done.
  • Drink water after your bath. Replenish yourself with water. This is a must.
  • Rest.
  • You can also use other crystals and herbs based on what you need. Be sure to research anything that you’ve never used before.

As always, follow your own guide and enjoy! Comment below with questions or love! We would love to hear from you and share more on this platform.


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