TLRB Wealth and Abundance Challenge, Day 4

Peace Prosperous Ones!

Welcome to day 4 of The Wealth and Abundance Challenge, “My new wealth habits.” Today we are releasing old patterns and habits that no longer resonate with our present growing wealthy mind. We are creating and affirming our new habits. We are trusting in our power to create what we will for ourselves and holding Self responsible for our actions.

Extra Reflections~

• Can I accept that my actions are connected to the outcome of my present reality?

• Am I able to release those old ways of thinking and doing so that I can create space for new ways of living in my wealth and abundance?

• Be gentle with yourself but be real with yourself. Encourage yourself to make a better life by working from the inside out.

Here’s today’s challenge exercise:

You can do this.

We can do this.

We are now attuned to a new frequency of wealth!

May your new wealth habits be serving to your Highest!


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