TLRB Wealth & Abundance Challenge, Day 3

Peace Wealthy Souls~

We are on day 3 of The Wealth and Abundance Challenge “My past wealth is not my present”, which is all about embracing the present you. Now that we have given thought to how our words and actions affect our mindset and reality on wealth and money, we are acknowledging the impact and disassociating ourselves from those things that that do not serve us. We are stepping INTO our present wealth-building energy by declaring that we have the power and the right to make positive changes for ourselves. The things that were modeled for us before no longer must affect how we do things today!

Extra Reflections for day 3:

  • Have the people whom I spend the most time around modeled limitless growth around wealth, money, and abundance?
  • What was modeled for me to follow around wealth?
  • While honoring the entirety of the systems put in place economically to either oppress OR elevate me, do I see now that I can still choose to make changes for myself?
  • How can I release myself from ancestral, family, societal, and economic forms or trauma that have held me back from seeing and knowing my right to wealth and financial freedom?
From Eker’s “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

Here is today’s challenge exercise:

Day 3 Meditation: Read this and internalize. Reflect and then be intentional on clearing the space around you for silent solitude. Spend this time with Self opening the mind, heart, and spirit for new wealth ideas, truths, affirmations, and visions. Release what no longer belongs, and manifest what you will for your personal freedom.

Allow yourself today to come into the present moment and begin to feel the shift in attitude. Let go of anything that still holds you back from your new wealthy-mindset and habits. Know that as you elevate your spiritual frequency, more things become clear, open, reachable, and possible. That gift is always available to us! Take it day by day. Begin this new way of living. Affirm, “I Am wealth in human form because I Am wealthy in my SPIRIT.”



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