TLRB Wealth & Abundance Challenge, Day 2

Peace Wealthy Ones!

Welcome to day 2 of The Wealth and Abundance Challenge, “My wealth talk, my wealth walk.” Today we are taking a deeper look at how we manifest wealth for ourselves. We are diving into the past to see how our experiences have shaped our mindset around money, income, wealth, finances, and abundance. How we talk and walk in our wealth speaks volumes. It represents how we live and what we create daily. Think about it. Everyone is born into some type of ideology that has already been structured when it comes to money and wealth. While these experiences and ancestral inheritances do shape us, they do not LIMIT us to staying in the same space energetically when it comes to our wealth. When we begin to work on ourselves, spiritually and then mentally, we come to see that we CAN change our wealth-story to be whatever we will for our experience here. Co-creators.

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In T Harv Eker’s “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” he explains this through a great exercise that will help to transform the mind’s thoughts on wealth. Today, we have taken pieces of the exercise from his book and created some self-reflective points for your journal and meditation time. If you have not read Eker’s book, here is a link to the free pdf version. You can also purchase the book on your own here:

Extra Reflections for your Day 2 Challenge

  • Do I have a wealthy mind or a mind that is still rooted in lack?
  • What stops me from having what I want and need?
  • How can I overcome some of my own resistance around money and wealth?
  • Am I content with my financial life right now? Is there room to grow?
  • Is money valuable to me? Why or why not.
  • Is wealth more than money?
  • How have I seen wealth in my life and family experiences?
  • Who has been most impactful when it comes to teaching me about my own wealth knowledge and habits?
  • Do I aspire to gain more than just money for myself and my family?

Here is the Day 2 Challenge Exercise:

Daily meditation: Sit with Self for about 10-15 minutes (or however long serves you) and after reading this, be still. Breathe deeply. Let this new energy revitalize your thoughts about wealth and abundance. You are worthy.

Affirm these things for yourself daily (rising morning and night) if you would like to see changes in what you attract and what you create for yourself. Trust that you have access to the resources that you want and need.

May day 2 be self-revealing and elevating to your wealth-mind and soul! Walk and talk like you are meant to live. Abundantly.


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