The Love Revolution Blog Presents: The Wealth & Abundance Challenge

Peace Enlightened Souls!

Welcome to our first challenge of 2019~ The Wealth & Abundance Challenge! We have an amazing week in store that will bring healing and illumination to our wealth-mind (and plenty of coins- watch and see). Join in for daily meditations, affirmations, journaling exercises, and reflections about your wealth and truth! Even if you already consider yourself wealthy, this challenge will certainly take you to new personal heights within your own abundance flow.


Here’s the back story on how we came to create this month’s challenge:

During our usual reading and personal enrichment time, and I decided to go to one of my mentor’s online bookstores to peruse her collection. Something caught my eye- T. Harv Eker’s “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” so I decide to download the book and give it a read in between my meditating and fasting days leading up to this previous full super moon. The text helped to clear and align a few things (from within) that I needed to adjust around wealth and money. While this book was just one of quite a few things that I used for my self-work, I loved how Eker implemented exercises in his book for everyone to do on their own. So, here we are! Coming into this massive 2019 energy of new beginnings and clarity, it is SO important to have a healthy view on money, wealth, and abundance. We don’t want to miss out on our divine blessings by being held prisoner to our past conditioning and traumas about money and wealth.

For this month’s challenge, we infused some of Eker’s exercises (which by the way have brought thousands of people to alignment with their own wealth mindsets) with some tidbits of other holistic healing modalities and exercises. The Wealth & Abundance Challenge will be the perfect self-work guide to get your mind in order for all of the things that your manifestations are bringing in. It is time.

Join us, as usual, here on the blog or on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) to tune into the daily exercises and challenge, starting next Monday, January 28th through Friday, February 1st. All you have to do is be sure that your notifications are on and you are free to pace yourself each day with the challenges that we post. If you are following on another platform, be sure to tag us so that we can share our journey and growth! Use the hashtags #TheLoveRevolutionBlog #WealthChallenge if you are sharing your enlightenment with others on your own platforms. If you have a group of friends or family for support and accountability, or if they could also use this, then share this challenge with them too! Let’s dive in and watch what amazing things come from simply attuning our minds to the vibration of limitless wealth and abundance- just how we are meant to live.



See you all next Monday! Get ready for another level-up!

Peace & Gratitude

The Love Revolution Blog

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