Day 6,The 2018 Release Challenge: The Present, COMPLETION

Peace & Release,

We made it to the last day of The 2018 Release Challenge! Letting go of everything that we have over the past 5 days has been real work. Today, we breathe deeply and prepare to finally let go of everything on our release list that we have been journaling and meditating on, which represents the true release. Lighting fire to anything is signifying the energy of your intention being put to action. At the end of each life stage or spiritual transition, there is a release, a death, and a rebirth. We are now in a powerful portal of new beginnings as we are shedding the last of our old selves from the year. Today is all about being with Self and giving thanks for the work you’ve done. We are about to be reborn, again. This means that there are many new opportunities and lessons that we will receive. Everything that we have been patiently waiting on will now come to be, in its very own way and time.

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We are doing a release ceremony for today’s challenge, which is basically where we will be setting fire to our old thoughts, behaviors, patterns, energy, people/relationships, and places in the mind. We are burning those papers and getting rid of those things that once held us captive! In your own time, be sure to make this ceremony special to you. Invite others to release with you if you need support.


Here is the reflection and exercise for today:


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I Will that you enjoyed this work. I Will that you are stronger now than you were before. I Will that you never limit your own growth or healing. You can do and have all that you desire. Thank you for releasing with us!

The Way is Open. The Road is Clear.


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