Day 5, The 2018 Release Challenge: The Past

Happy Release,

If you made it to Day 5 of The 2018 Release Challenge, then give yourself some LOVE. Today we are going into our past to retrieve the things that must be let go of. Think about your past experiences and events that still feel a little painful to remember. Think about those situations or places or things that still carry some weight to them. After today, those things and thoughts will be lighter. We will be able to give thanks for those experiences. Remember that we always have the choice to heal and release. We always have the ability to do this when we are ready. Sometimes, the pain and fear can trick us into thinking that we are not ready to move on, but trust and know that diving in, doing the work, and finishing it will eternally bless you!

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So, how do I know if there is something from my past that needs releasing?

  • When you are called to speak up but you avoid talking about certain people, places, or times in your life that once brought you pain or hurt. If a situation arrives and you are encouraged to share something about your past to help someone else, or even just when asked in casual conversation, and you go out of your way to not talk about it…this is a sign that there is still releasing and healing to be done. Ultimately, when we let go of something or someone, the thought of it will no longer bring deep pain, but more of a neutral feeling of acceptance, understanding, and gratitude.
  • If there are still feelings of shame, guilt, anger, or sadness. Any negative emotions that cause a downward shift in your vibration still has control over you…and that is OK to acknowledge if it does. Be gentle with yourself and encourage yourself to heal by taking the steps and time that you need.
  • If you still speak ill of the thing/experience/person due to what happened in the past. There are still negative emotions and karmic lessons to be learned if you speak with ill intent about anything or anyone of the past.
  • You feel inside that you need to move on, but you find yourself making excuses every time you gather up the courage to let go. Our intuition, our Highest, tells us when something is a threat to our peace, but it is up to us in the flesh and in the spirit to move and accept the work.
  • You just don’t want to forgive yourself or the person or the experience. Being attached to what we have survived or to what has once hurt us is ironically a common thing. It’s easier sometimes to just ignore things that are uncomfortable—until those things get more uncomfortable because we are ignoring it and then we are forced to let go because we ignored our intuition and willpower. If there is resistance in forgiveness, then there is still work to be done. Still things to let go.

If any of these things speak to you, then be easy with yourself and reflect on your journey. Are you ready to let these things go?

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Here’s the reflection and exercise for today:

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If today and tomorrow feel strenuous, draining, heavy, or difficult, then know that it is the divine clearing happening. We must endure and allow things to be released. Allow what us meant to be, to be. Prepare yourself for the good things that are waiting patiently to arrive once those old things are out of the way for good.

Keep going, be gentle, rest when you need, and remember why you are doing this.

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