Day 4, The 2018 Release Challenge: Health & The Physical Body

Peace and Release on Day 4 of The 2018 Release Challenge. We are reflecting on our health today, along with our feelings about our physical body. In holistic thought, we say that all functions and feelings of the physical body are manifestations of the spiritual body. Meaning whatever is happening in your spirit will reveal itself through your actions, your body, your health, your mental self, and your emotional self. Everything is connected. One cannot ignore the health and needs of the physical body and still be at balance with the spirit.

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This also deals with what we feel about our physical body. Are there things we want to change about ourselves? If so, why? What is at the root our desire to make changes? Explore these things. This is not to say that there is some perfect destination to reach when it comes to health and the body, but it is to say that we must align with what is healthy for us, in spirit and in truth. We must strive to keep ourselves informed and in balance with what we need for a peaceful life and healthy functioning. Let’s let go of any illusions or limitations that hinder us from living fully in who we are meant to be.

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Here is the reflection and challenge for today:

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Enjoy the release.

Prepare for the rebirth.


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