Day 3, The 2018 Release Challenge: Love, Friendships & Family

Peace and Release on Day 3 of The 2018 Release Challenge!

Today, we are continuing the conversation on love and how our experiences through family and friend relationships call us to grow and release. If there is no specific person or relationship that needs releasing (because you have done your work in this area already), then reflect on any energy within yourself that could be released based on your feelings, thoughts, and emotions about your family and friendships.

Is there any resentment left towards Self or anyone else from the past or present?

Is there still room for growth in any of your relationships?

Are you fully living in the knowledge that love is unconditional, pleasant, peaceful, and deserved?


Here is the daily reflection and challenge:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take time and space to truly reflect on any feelings of discord that surface when you think about “friends” and “family.” Also note that releasing family is an intricate process that is ultimately a self-proclamation that you no longer allow the term “family” to keep you emotionally connected to a person who is toxic to your growth. Releasing is a choice to take control over things that once controlled you. Letting go of people and things that were once close to us is sometimes the best thing so that we can live in our wholeness. Remember to keep writing on your “release list” so that we can have everything on paper and ready for the release ceremony on the last day of the challenge.




Peace be with you on day 3!

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