Day 2, The 2018 Release Challenge: Love & Romantic Relationships

Peace & Release Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to Day 2 of The 2018 Release Challenge! We are exploring the depths of our hearts to clear out any painful remnants that hold us back from giving and receiving the love that we deserve. Today, we reflect on our present and past relationships in order to make space for the highest relationships that we will attract and built in the future.


Here is the challenge reflection and exercise for today:


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Note: each day, when we write out our “release list,” we will be keeping the running list until the last day of the challenge. So, I know that some may be used of discarding or burning the list to release, but we are keeping this list for a special release ceremony. Be sure to keep up with your daily release-writing list!


Daily Affirmations - 03 January 2014



May today be one of profound consciousness and heart-healing for all who need. 


The Love Revolution Blog




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