Day 1 The 2018 Release Challenge: The Self, Going Within

Peace and Release, Divine Ones!

Welcome to day 1 of The 2018 Release Challenge! If you are just now joining us here on the blog, then join in on our last monthly challenge of the year! We are spending 6 days letting go of all that no longer serves us moving into the new year ahead. If you follow our Instagram page, then you may receive the daily challenges a bit sooner than here on the site, but all exercises will be posted here no later than 12pm Pacific Time.

Today, we give deep reflection to our Self. Before we get into the depths of releasing and letting go through our own self-work, we will be spending time in thought about who we are and what we have to do to start letting go of our own toxic habits, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and patterns. Before we attribute our release to anyone or anything else outside of our Self, we have to take an honest look within to see how far we’ve come and where we must go next. We will be back daily for the next 6 days with meditations, exercises, and reflective questions for your release journey.


Here’s the Day 1 challenge:







Take your time and be sure to choose a time and space that allows you solitude, quiet, and peace. This is your work and your journey, so make it true to you as we go within over the next 6 days!

Let’s clear the way for growth and prosperity in 2019!


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