2018 Release Challenge, Begins December 26th-31st

Peace Divines,

Happy winter solstice and full moon eve! I will that you use today’s energy to honor you progress and growth, while also giving thought to how you can be prepared for receiving all of your manifestations in the coming weeks.

We are back with our monthly challenge, The 2018 Release Challenge, to close out the year, and this one will be deep healing work. As we come to reflect on 2018, we would like to clear the way for all that 2019 has to bring by releasing the final remnants of things that do not serve us anymore.


What does this even mean?!

It means that if there is anything lingering in your spirit that you know needs to be let go, then now is the time to clear it out and finish the work so that prosperity and alignment can be! The 2018 Release Challenge will be 6 days of healing exercise that will guide you in your journey to alignment and truth.


How to join:

Just like all of our monthly challenges, you can join in by following the posts here, daily, or by following our Instagram page for the daily challenge exercises. All of the challenges can be done on your time and at your own pace.

Here are the topics that we will be exploring for release each day:



See you Wednesday, December 26th for the first day of our cleansing, healing, release! Let’s end 2018 as light as we can. No heaviness or old, stagnant things in the new year. Let us know if you plan on joining the challenge!



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