December New Moon Affirmations

Peace Divine Spirits of Endurance & Truth,

The new moon is rising and will arrive tomorrow, December 6th at 11:20pm PST and December 7th at 2:20am EST. This one is ruled by planets Mars and Neptune. Mars is the planet of passion, which ignites within us the ability to move on things, to fight back when things aren’t right, and to act on our ambition. It also heavily impacts our sexual energy, which can be used to manifest and create, if that is what you will. If healing is needed in the root (tail bone, base of spine) or sacral chakras (lower abdomen, womb, below the navel), then they may come to light during this time, if you intend. Mars may also challenge us to reflect on our sexuality/sexual energy as of late, and what your spirit is communicating with you through this part of your being. Neptune is about our dreams, illusions, and awareness. So when we look at these two ruling planets over the moon at the end of 2018, we are really talking about securing and aligning ourselves with our Highest. This new moon tonight/tomorrow will bring forth a tide of energy to help get you to the next level of your manifestations. Expansion. Limit-free thinking and living. It will also help us prepare for the powerful energy of 2019 to come. Use Motha’ Moon to give one more rinse of your soul and to all the things that must be left behind. Use Motha’ Moon to spend time with yourself, your healing, your creations, your dreams, and your manifestations.

Here are some affirmations for your ritual space. You may use one or all of them by chanting, reading aloud, writing, or simply internalizing them for your healing journey. Make them your own and make your own. Never stop growing your Self.



I embrace divine change. I Am ready.


I take action when the time arrives. I know when it is time for me to move.

I move. 


I give thank for new beginnings. 

I trust this part too.


I see new things to fruition easily and effortlessly.


I move in alignment with my Highest. 


I know what is illusion and what is truth.


My dreams are my guides. 


The Way is open. All is well. I Am aligned. I Am Divine. 


Peace, be well. In~joy the new moon!

Tune in.

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