Weekly Reading 12/3-12/10

Peace Divine Souls,

There is a stillness beneath the surface. There is an opening right now that is creating space for the receiving of every birthed seed that has grown to term. You may feel the need to make decisions right away or you may feel the need to let things linger for a bit to gain clarity. If there is unrest within, you will feel every bit of it this week and the weeks to come, but this is not to worry. This is to grow. This is to get rid of those patterns, traumas, fears, blockages- and anything else that has stood in your way long enough over the course of this year. No worries, just find comfort in your spiritual space and stay close to gratitude and self-awareness.

The energy of this week is full of highs and profound realizations about what is required for our next journey. I set the intention for a message that we need during this cool, autumn, waning moon week.

Take action! Move. A fresh wave of success and creativity. The Way is Open. Getting through more shadow work, clearing out and preparing for the new light. RECEIVING. 


Made with Square InstaPic8 of Wands, The Shoot of Papyrus: “mobility, ambition, potential”– this week is full of the forward-moving energy. You may see the fruits of your labor begin to ripen, and some will be ready to enjoy. The feeling of ambition, ignited by our willpower, comes from within and will help us get things done that we need for both our spiritual and human empowerment. If you feel passionate about something this week, keep yourself open and move with that energy. We are in both harvest time and sowing time. While rest and inner-work are required during the slower, colder seasons, manifesting and living in our fullness never stops.

Made with Square InstaPicThe Empress, take action: “fertility, creation, activity”– This is what I meant when I said it is the time for both harvest and sowing. We are in a spiritual space of creating, planting, and growing our Soul’s Highest Will. As the week flows, pay attention to your energy and where you find it most at peace. Think about the things that spark your creative energy. Think about your purpose. But don’t just think about it, act on it this week. Make steps in the direction of all things that serve your intention and will. Know what is for you and what isn’t by keeping aligned with your truth. The Way is Open.

Made with Square InstaPicThe Devil, fatality: “attraction, originality, diversity, turbulence, passion”– There may be a moment, internally or externally, that will bring about some turbulence. This could be in the form of news, something not working out as planned, a disagreement, or other friction that may not feel too comfortable inside. This is the shadow self at work, and as much as we are taught to condemn or fear this darkness, it is here to serve us a lesson. The card is really reminding us to recognize when we meet our shadow this week and dig deeper to gather what the feeling/experience is teaching you. How do you respond or react when something doesn’t go as planned? How will you be when someone does not give you as much as you are giving to them? How will you communicate? This week, work through those habits, fears, pains, and truths so that you can learn, grow, and go from them.

Made with Square InstaPicTiger’s eye, Courage (sacral & solar plexus chakra healing): This card has been one of the most frequent visitors of all weekly messages this year. Probably because we needed a lot of courage to get through everything we’ve been through. Well, it’s back again with the same encouragement this week. With all the action, energy, and inner-work we have been doing, it is time for another dose of balance and strength. Tiger’s eye crystal helps with decision-making and pushing through challenging situations.

Made with Square InstaPic

Labradorite, Take Action (third eye & crown chakra healing): Look familiar? This is the same message as the tarot card, The Empress above. Move on it. You know what this means for you. Use the energy and flow with what is divine. The crystal labradorite connects our soul with its gifts. This week pay attention to the use of your gifts. Seize the opportunities that ignite passion from within. If there have been things that you’ve been waiting patiently on, don’t wait any more this week, if they come to you. Allow in what is yours. Step in the right direction for yourself. Don’t forget: The Way is open for whatever you Will.

Made with Square InstaPic

Orpiment, Success (sacral chakra healing): Orpiment crystal lights fire to our intentions, bringing out focus and strength that will produce success. Listen, I don’t know how else to say this except, it’s your time now. It’s time to rise and to receive. When you manifest this week, live in your new next level. Live like you know what just came through for you was coming all along. Live like you are a magnet to this type of abundance all the time, because you are. Bask in your personal and spiritual success this week. Honor yourself. You deserve it.

May this week be revealing and elevating in truth.


Truth and Light to you,

The Love Revolution Blog

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