Spiritual guides for mercury retrograde…and the rest of 2018.

Peace Divine Soul!

I Am here to share some self-guides for the energetic shifts that we are all experiencing right now. I Will that you take what is needed for your own journey and use the information as needed.

First things first- what is mercury retrograde, really?

I like to keep things as simple and clear as possible, so I always describe retrograde as a period when a planet is traveling opposite of its usual forward path. It’s when a planet is going backwards or taking another route. When this happens, the atmosphere as we have known it begins to experience a sort of “out of whack” feeling, but in fact, this is also a natural part of the journey. Retrogrades teach us change, patience, and whatever else is needed for our healing. Due to the many feelings that change brings about, retrogrades often have an anxiety-invoking energy to them, but really, it’s just a natural and necessary phenomenon. We need them. I like to think of retrograde as a final nudge to make personal, spiritual adjustments if we have been ignoring all our other signs beforehand. When we add in mercury to this retrograde business, we are inviting the planet of communication. Communication in every sense of the word: with Self and other people/relationships. As mercury travels backwards, it takes us through our past and through any parts of Self that need healing. When you pair this with the end of the year energy, you’ve got a time that can feel like pressure and panic- if you are not aware and grounded.

We are to live in peace, however. Things like retrogrades and end of the years should not be heavy. Life should not be heavy or hectic. Trust this and come to know it for Self.

Here are some guides to reflect on during the shifts of the closing of 2018. Because, life is peace, if you so choose.

  1. Stay in the moment, still. This is always a nice reminder for daily life, but now more than ever, it’s important to stay in the now. Why? Because you will read and hear about “the new year” and “2018 being over so fast,” and while those things may feel real for you, there is still so much to harvest and to learn over the next month and days. Living in the moment also helps to rid Self of anxiety. When we are constantly thinking about the future, we begin to miss what is ours to receive in the present moment. Every day, live in it.
  2. Ground yourself. As much as you need and as often as you need. When things start to feel “everywhere” or when you start to feel “everywhere,” just remember that you have the tools to bring yourself back. Grounding can be with intentional deep breaths, paying attention to your senses, taking your shoes off and putting your feet on the bare ground, chopping up fruits/veggies, taking a shower…many things! Find something that will bring you back to the present moment while also bringing you comfort.
  3. Slow down on purpose if time feels too fast. Make yourself conscious of the energy around you and how it impacts your own actions. If the days are speeding by, or the hours in a day don’t seem like enough, make yourself go slower. Do small things that take a little more time than usual, like walking somewhere nearby instead of driving, or bathing one night instead of taking a shower, or cooking something instead of grabbing fast food. These things help us tune into the infinite source of energy, while reminding us that time is truly what we make of it.
  4. Let go of the need to control everything else. Only control your innerSelf, your reactions, your actions, your words, your thoughts. When we try too hard to control how we wants things to go or when we want things to happen, we are creating resistance, which is not in alignment with our Highest. We are going against the time and will of The Divine. So, be more mindful of when you are trying too hard to make things happen. It will help to relieve a lot of pressure.
  5. Communicate, by any means. In the coming days, this is the most important thing. NO underestimating or overestimating what others think or do. No worrying about how someone else will take it or feel if you have things inside that need to get OUT. Be sure to not make any assumptions about others, what they think of you, why they did something, or what they could possibly do—just ask. Just speak. Remember, Mercury is here to help us clear up our communication skills and relationships that have suffered because of unhealthy communication in the past.
  6. Check in with Self, more often. When it seems that something is up with someone else, just do a quick check-in with Self, first. Explore first with Self when someone or something else is bothering you. Most of the time, you’ll find something there that needs a little acknowledgement or healing.
  7. Have more quiet time alone. Must have. Must do. There is plenty of time in a day. There is no need to compromise anything, especially your wellness, just to have a moment in solitude. Things are easier and clearer when we move in tune with our Self frequency, and the only way to grow in this is to make a habit out of being with Self each day until it just becomes a state of being, naturally.
  8. Don’t let small things trigger you. Things like changes in plans, running late, things breaking, messages not being understood or getting through—don’t let them change your state. Remember that there is purpose for all things. Remember that everything is teaching you something. Just let out a wooosahhh, a deep breath, a curse word if you need, and keep it pushing. See what happens when you release and let things be as they are? J
  9. Be intentional, preserve energy. When events, projects, outings, or people come up, always remember to move with purpose. You don’t have to do or be everywhere for everyone. You only have to do and be what feels good for you. One way to make decisions easier (and ones that encourage your wellness) is to think about your intention before doing things. Why am I doing this? Is this true to me and to what feels right for me? Am I doing this for someone else If so, that’s ok, but do I really want to do this? Is this person, place, or thing going to bring me more positive energy?…..
  10. Keep letting go. Keep releasing those thoughts, habits, people, places, and things that are not for your now time. Keep cutting ties with those people, places, things, and habits that are not providing you your peace. Keep going until you feel free and clean. You will know when you have done the work releasing. You will know because when the thought comes back up, you will no longer feel pain or discomfort. You will feel gratitude. You are free.
  11. Mend what needs to be mended. Mending does not mean rekindling or taking back toxic things. Mending means clearing your heart and your actions by letting the person or feeling know that you have seen it, done it, felt it, and you choose to move on from it-with or without them. Mending may be forgiving, self or someone else. Mending may be giving someone something that you took. Mending may be confessing something that you’ve been holding. Mending may be accepting an apology or giving one away to someone who needs it from you. When you mend, you may close the chapter, or you may rebuild- your choice. Help someone else. Help yourself. Do what brings you freedom.
  12. Heal on purpose. Be intentional with what you need right now on your journey. Everything you do, make it good for your healing. You are worthy and deserving of this. You are whole, so move like it. Think about your healing and your needs more often in the coming days. Is this something that I need to learn from? Can someone else learn from me? Have I healed from that, really?


Take a deep breath. Reflect. Absorb. Sort. Clear out. Receive what is needed.

All of things are just guides for you to further explore within. They are also gentle reminders to help navigate the travel through these upcoming weeks as we prepare for the new energy of 2019. If you have some good guides that can be helpful, please comment or share this post with your insight!


Healing, Gratitude & A Divine Miracle to You,

The Love Revolution Blog

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