Weekly Message 11/19-11/26

Peace Divine Souls! We are back with our weekly message, after some hard weeks of self-growth and awareness. Venus went direct a few days ago (11/16), leaving us with a renewed sense of our relationships, love, and past reconciliations. Mercury has entered retrograde once again, to bring forth any unresolved issues with how we communicate, along with our growth in the areas of patience and trusting divine timing. Through both of these shifts, we are also coming up on a full moon (November 23rd) which opens the way for manifesting, living in our wholeness, and alignment with Highest Self. All of this energy paired with the “end of the year” energy that can sometimes make us feel extra reflective, anxious, or even a little sad and stressed- if we let it. I am here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be this way! There are ways to deal and to heal through all of these feelings that are circulating in the air right now, and it all begins with acknowledging them within, first. Anyways, before this turns into a whole counseling session, let’s get to the weekly reading.

I set the simple intention:

“May this reading be what is needed for us to better understand what is happening and how to keep pushing through it with our best Self.”


Heart healing, freedom, solitude, inner-challenges, spiritual warfare for self-growth, hope & illumination, division from contracts that have expired, push through.


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The Stars, Hope: What a beautiful first message to receive, hope. Know that all is well. There is a light through all things dark. Sometimes, the hope comes from absolutely nothing and produces the grandest miracle. Keep faith and trust that even through our times of discomfort and uncertainty, we have the power and the right to expect amazing things to happen for us. This card is a sign that whatever you may be facing deep in your abyss within, it will not last for much longer. Know your light. Find your way. Trust it always.


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Ace of Swords, The crown of Hathor: struggle, fecundation~ if there is resistance this week with something in your life, a challenge of some sort, an inner struggle, know that it is for your growth and healing. The only reason why we experience such things is to teach us the way out of our own shadow. The lessons that revolve are cycles, until we learn how to navigate them using our Soul Compass. Are you going to react the same way you acted before when this feeling came? Are you going to take your past experiences and present knowledge to use as an opportunity for growth? Through any struggle, internally or not, what is your lesson? What is it teaching you? This week, trust in your strength to overcome all that arrives.

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4 of Pentacles, Urei of the north: “closing of accounts, division of goods.” It is time. This week, give thought to the things that need to be shut down, divided up, and sent on their perfect way. What things have you been connected to or shared with someone else that is no longer of service to you? What things need to be closed and sealed for good? There may be an event that will cause you to reflect deeply on this in the coming days, and in fact, Mercury retrograde is good for helping this process along. If there is someone that you need to communicate with in this process of dividing goods, then be sure to position yourself to speak out of truth and emotional balance. Don’t let anger win, this week. Give yourself freedom. Make it through.

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4 of Swords, the revenge of Horus: “vigilance, restlessness, retreat, solitude.” Take time this week, more often than not, to be silent. Retreat to Self. The energy that will meet us this week requires for us to be deeply in sync with our Spirit so that we do not do or think things that cause us more harm or stress. Do not avoid your thoughts and emotions this week. Face them, feel them, converse with them, sort them out, and be sure to take as much time as you need alone. The message is simple and clear. If you meditate, then be sure to tune in deeper this time around. If you feel the urge to be a little less social, then use your Self-time wisely and do things that make you truly feel good. Not obligatory things, or things that bring you more pressure- just simple things that you enjoy. Make time for them. Make time for Self. No excuses.

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King of Swords, The Lord of War: Internal battles will arise. Be prepared to see them and see yourSelf through them. There is no way out if we do not go through our mess. If moments come up for you this week where you feel like you’ve been hit with something, figuratively speaking, then remember this: it is for you. It is a lesson. It is an opportunity for your healing and release. The time is for your self-reflection and spiritual growth. This time around, do not run from it. This time around, win the war.


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Rose Quartz, Inner Child (heart chakra): We pulled this healing oracle card to shed light on what aspects of Self we can focus on for healing. Let Self-love in some more. Nurture yourself more.  If you are experiencing a divorce, relationship separation, or releasing from a past relationship, this card is for you. The rose quartz card is for heart healing, which deals a lot with our inner-child. So many of our wounds, our fears, our moves- are made from what our heart learned as a child. This week during your silent time, think about how you can connect to your inner-child. If you’ve done your Self-work and healed your past child, then use this card as a medicinal reminder to live freely and in your child-like nature this week. Let things flow, have compassion like a child, be free and light, playful, and not mindful of time. Children teach us so much about how life is to be truly lived! Tap into your childSelf this week, and just enjoy the freedom.


This message is in alignment with the energy of the universe, with your Soul Self, and with whole healing for spiritual expansion. May we continue to do our work and be who we ought to be.


Stay close to peace this week.

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