(Yesterday) 11/10, Affirmation Challenge, Day 10

Peace ThankFULL Souls!

This is yesterday’s challenge post for day 10 of the Affirmation Challenge: 11 Days of Personal Power. I posted the challenge on our Instagram page, but did not post here. If you are only following here on the blog, you may still complete this day today!

Day 10 was about affirming our gratitude for everything that meets us on our journey! Let gratitude lead and let it become your essence through all times- the good and the uncomfortable.


Here are some self-reflections for the day:

  1. How do I show my gratitude, daily?
  2. Am I able to find the blessing and the lesson in all things and all people that find me on my personal path?
  3. Do I complain more than I give thanks each day? Or is my gratitude ever-present? 
  4. For the areas in my life that I am not comfortable with or happy about, what can I give thanks for in those situations or feelings?

Here are the affirmations and the challenge for Day 10:



Gratitude + Peace to you!

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