11/11 The Affirmation Challenge, Day 11



of the Affirmation Challenge: 11 Days of Personal Power!

Gratitude for all you Divine Souls who have been putting in your Self work and affirming your personal power for the past eleven days with us!

Did you know that when you join with others on the same vibration of healing Self through things like challenges on social media and physical meet-ups, you are helping to raise the collective consciousness? Thanks for raising the vibe with us!

If you have not meditated on the meaning and energy of today, know that 11-11-2018 (11-11-11) is a high-vibrational portal that opens for us to clear and charge ourSelves. Eleven is the number for angels, higher messages, healing, and new beginnings. It is an alignment number that encourages us to look within and find our answers. We are ending our challenge on this note by affirming our WHOLENESS. We are whole. As we acknowledge this wholeness, we come to see that we are what we need the most.

It becomes so easy to look to other people, places, and things to make us feel complete, but our True Journey calls us to trust and find that we already have what we need  inside and out. Wholeness says that we know how to heal ourSelves. We know what is best for Self. We know what we are being guided towards or away from, following our Highest. We come to learn and love our shadow self and we step into our light self always.

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The reflection for today is this:

Have I come to know, trust, and live fully in my Wholeness?

If yes, then what am I doing daily to live in this knowing?

If not, what blockages exist that make me feel like I am incomplete? What must I still heal from?

Do I know that even as I heal and grow, I Am still Whole?

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Here are the affirmations and the challenge for today:

FlyerMaker_11112018_085240FlyerMaker_11112018_085328FlyerMaker_11112018_085803 (1)FlyerMaker_11112018_085911


Finish strong with your affirmations and know them to be TRUE for you!

Thank you for all who have shared, liked, commented, and participated along this challenge journey! If you missed it, feel free to go back in the archives and do it with a friend any time you’d like! We will be announcing three challenge winners on our Instagram and Facebook page, which is based on whoever participated by sharing their light and tagged us in their daily challenges!

In-Joy the energy of today.

“I Am Whole.”

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