11/9 The Affirmation Challenge, Day 9

 I Am a magnet. What I think, feel, and do- who I Am- I also attract. 

Peace, Divine Manifestors, and welcome to Day 9 of The Affirmation Challenge: 11 Days of Personal Power. Today is about affirming our power and our WILL to see done whatever it is that we know to be true. There’s always talk of manifesting and how to do it like it is some exclusive science. I trust that our intention, whatever rests at the core of our Soul, will always come to be. I also trust that the words we speak hold meaning and power, so when we align our intention with our words and our truth, we easily create what we want. It is our natural right!


We are taking it easy today with an exercise and some helpful reminders for the journey. The only reflection that I would like you to consider is this:

Do I trust and know that I hold the inner-power of my life experience?

Just think about how many times you place the power, the blame, the fault, the lack-of, the reasoning for things that happen or don’t happen for you on sources outside of Self. Remember that we are gifted with being Spirit, first; therefore, we also have the ability to create what we will for ourselves. Sometimes, it takes a reminder to remember this, and that’s OK! As you continue to Align with Self, be gentle, and take each reminder as a special gift added to your arsenal of power!

Here are the affirmations and the challenge for the day:

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download (19)


Have fun with the challenge today! Never forget your birthright of creating– your power!

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