11/8 Affirmation Challenge, Day 8

Peace to you, Healthy Ones!

Welcome to day 8 of the Affirmation Challenge: 11 Days of Personal Power! Today, we affirm our health and our wellness. We trust and know that the source of our health begins with spirit. Healing and alignment allow us to know how to keep ourselves healthy in all ways!

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Here are some self-reflections for today:

  1. What does health mean to me?
  2. Am I healthy?
  3. Is my body free of pain and dis-ease, both emotionally and physically?
  4. How do I keep myself healthy?
  5. Are there blockages to my full health and healing that I Am aware of?
  6. What have I done lately to tend to my health?

Think about these things, when you have time. Know that health is far more than being sickness-free. It is an all-encompassing energy that lets our body know that it is in balance from the root of the soul up to the blood of the flesh. If there are things about your health that concern you, or even linger in the back of your mind right now, think about all other aspects of your life. Are you listening to your body, mind, and spirit? Are you committed to keeping yourself in good health so that you can fulfill your purpose? Are you living in your truth, letting go of things easily, and moving on when it is time?

Be gentle with Self and know that you can align anything that you need to when you just decide and set your true intention on it.

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Here is the affirmation and challenge for today:

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Be Health, today!

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