11/6 The Affirmation Challenge, Day 6

Peace Prosperous Souls,

We are halfway through the Affirmation Challenge: 11 Days of Personal Power! Thank you to all who are doing their self-work and sticking to affirming your truths! If you are just joining us, be sure to go back in the archives to read about the challenge, and feel free to jump right in where we are.

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Today, we honor our right to prosperity in all that we are and in all that we do! We affirm our purpose, the seeking and knowing of who we truly are. By repeating these affirmations, we are aligning with our Higher Self to transform the thoughts of the lower self that have compiled over our life.  I do not separate purpose from prosperity, because they are connected. When we choose to live in who and what we are meant to share with the world, we become prosperous.

Shall we.

Here are some self-reflections for purpose and prosperity:

What do I give the most energy to?

What makes me feel most free and on fire for life?

What do I do to touch and live my purpose each day?

Do I feel like things work out for me in all areas that I intend?

Do I achieve what I set out to do each day, and am I achieving in my life as a whole?

Am I receiving all things that I need and want, easily?


Here is the challenge for today: 

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Be well and see your affirmations through! Make everything you do today, and each day forward about aligning with your purpose and your truth!


Prosperity to you,

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