11/5 Affirmation Challenge, Day 5

Peace Self-Lovers,

And welcome to Day 5 of the Affirmation Challenge: 11 Days of Personal Power. Today we celebrate the act of self-love. We are affirming our growth and commitment to love our Self, first, and always. This means that even when things are not flowing the way we’d like them to, we will remember that loving our Self must not stop. Each day, each moment, should be moving in the way of love for Self. Every act should contribute to our wellness and our growth.


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Here are some thoughts for deeper self-reflection and awareness:

What does it mean to love yourSelf?

What have you come to know about your self-love?

Do you love yourself, unconditionally, and in your rawest form?

What do you daily to manifest self-love?

Do the people in your life love themselves? Do they love and know how to love you?

Here is the challenge for today:



Make today fun and be sure to DO something else that expresses your love for Self. Whatever it is, make it true to your peace and soul-happiness.

Share your light with someone else.

Healing & Love,

The Love Revolution Blog

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