11/4 Affirmation Challenge, Day 4

Peace, Divine Forgiving Souls!

Day 4 of The Affirmation Challenge: 11 Days of Personal Power is here.  Today, we give deep thought and highest energy to forgiveness in its truest essence.

What is forgiveness to you? What have you been taught and shown about forgiveness? What family and ancestral traditions, beliefs, and experiences have shaped how you live in forgiveness?

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One special thing that I would like to share about forgiveness is the Ho’Oponopono Forgiveness Prayer/Chant. A couple of years ago on my journey, I picked up a new crystal, pink petalite, and wore it on the way to work. As I was driving, I hit a little traffice, so the commute slowed down unexpectedly. As I sat behind the will feeling and creating the vibe for the day, I had a random thought about a few people who usually did not bring good feelings or memories. This time, though, I felt overwhelmed with compassion. I felt emotional, but not in a bad way. I felt lead to share forgiveness with them so that I could finally be set free from the last lingering chains. So I did. I called them up, spoke words of truth, forgave them, and felt lighter. Later that day, I looked up some articles about forgiveness and came across the Ho’Oponopono Forgiveness Prayer. I read about it and it felt so good to my soul. It was my message. So, I chanted this for the other person that I needed to forgive, and I was literally brought to healing tears. I cried. Released. And became freedom. I felt purified of that old energy. It was amazing. So now, I use it as a spiritual tool whenever I need it.

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You don’t have to use this method, but this example is just to show how energy and healing works. Set your intention, commit Self to forgiveness, whatever it means to you, and go all the way through.

Here is the daily challenge:

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Peace on your forgiveness journey today and all days to come.

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