11/3 Affirmation Challenge, Day 3

Peace, Spirit Beings of The Highest!

Welcome to Day 3 of The Affirmation Challenge: 11 Days of Personal Power!

Today, we are affirming our right to let things go. Detach. Release. To recognize the healing that comes from declaring our personal power over the people, places, ideas, feelings, behaviors, and things that are just old news. Each time we rise to a new version of True Self, we must shed. Just like the natural cycles of life, we have to evolve according to our needs. Old things that make us feel drained of energy, sadness, pain, and stagnant cannot come to the new places with us. This is easier said than done, this releasing business, but it is the only way to be fully present in our growth. Know that by affirming your release today, whether it be a big release or a small release, you are doing yourself a healthy favor!

Here’s the challenge for today (slideshow):

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Here are some helpful tips on getting THROUGH after releasing:

1.) BE gentle with Self. Allow Self to feel whatever comes up when you decide to release something or someone. Know that things WILL come up. Also know that you have the power to see those old feelings and emotions through. Don’t ignore them, but instead allow them in and then OUT.

2.) Do something that brings you joy and comfort to help get you through. Whatever this may be for you, do it. Be with self for a bit, but also be with people who are supportive of the changes you are making.

3.) Make time and space to care for yourself. Intentionally releasing things/people is hard work. Recovery and relaxation is necessary. Don’t push yourself too hard to get things done or to please people if you just need to rest.

4.) Drink more water. This is both representative of flushing energy out and physically restoring any energy that is needed.

5.) Don’t look back. Trust that what you have done is divine. Even when feelings of doubt or fear creep up, acknowledge your strength! What is released will not come back unless you invite it in.

6.) Be open to receive new things, new blessings, new relationships, and new opportunities! You’ve made space for what is meant to be, so now receive it.

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Happy Releasing, Strength, and Personal Power to You!

Keep going.

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