11/2 Affirmation Challenge, Day 2

Peace Self-Masters and Self-Healers!

Welcome to day 2 of the Affirmation Challenge: 11 Days of Personal Power! If you are just now stumbling over our blog, go back a few posts in the archives and join in! We will be going 11 days straight with healing affirmations and daily challenges.

We always hear things like, “follow your gut instinct,” or “listen to your intuition,” but how many of us truly flow with the effortless surrender to our inner voice? A major part of this spiritual journey is re-learning how to become one with Self again…how to move throughout life on the path of least resistance by simply following the whispers of your very own soul.

Not anyone else’s soul- just yours!

Our intuition never leaves us, even when we don’t use it. The key is to make that voice inside so loud and clear that you instinctively know when something or someone is good for you.

A few easy ways to strengthen and train your intuition:

  1. Pay attention to the feeling in your lower abdomen/”gut”, which is your sacral chakra/womb area. How does it feel when you are getting ready to make a decision or go somewhere?
  2. Pay attention to your energy. When do you feel depleted of energy or tired r anxious/nervous? When do you feel excited, happy, and enthusiastic?
  3. How do you feel after making a decision, going somewhere, or being around someone else?
  4. When you are right about something or someone, how does it feel? Acknowledge this feeling so that you become familiar with it and better able to distinguish it from when you are wrong.
  5. Spend more time in silence and solitude. Each day, make it a point to become silent and alone with self. During this time, your mind is free to think and you are more open to feeling everything that is meant to be reveal about your day and your choices.
  6. Take (safe) chances in the beginning and then reflect on what you felt before/after the chances. For example, if you are presented with two options for a meal, choose one and then reflect afterwards on whether or not your gut was telling you which would be the best option. This is like a self-training mechanism.


Here is the affirmation for today along with the challenge. Make it your own and really reflect on what it means to you. 


Don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts and share it if you are participating in the challenge! We will be doing a drawing at the of the challenge for 3 winners! 🙂

Turn your intuition on and watch how your day flows.

Peace, Power, and Healing to you! 

The Love Revolution Blog

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