11/1 Affirmation Challenge, Day 1

Peace, Divine Souls!

Welcome to Day 1 of the Affirmation Challenge: 11 Days of Personal Power. Today, we honor our ancestors, our past, who we are, and where we come from. Aside from the potent energy and numerology of November first’s new beginning, the way is open for communication and clear messages from our departed family, loved ones, and historical guides. I started the challenge off with an affirmation that honors the ancestors not only for the special date and time that is among us, but because our ROOTS give us much understanding about who we are. Our ancestry, family traditions, and even family trauma tells a story about why we are here and how we go about this life. Coming to know who came before us is also a necessary part of the journey to Self. Self-healing is a cyclical, holistic venture that requires the relentless seeking and knowing of who/what came before us on our path. If you experience fear or hesitancy when it comes to ancestral work or knowledge, release it and watch what opens up for you!

Here is the challenge for today. The intent of this affirmation is to connect us more deeply to Self so that we can gain clarity on who we are, our purpose, our gifts, and what else can be healed from within. 


Some other ways that you can honor your ancestors and open the way to communicate with them include:

  • Create an altar or sacred space with intention set on learning more or hearing from specific departed loved ones.
  • Research family lines, call your elders and ask questions.
  • Create a journal on your healing journey. Write out things from your past that you remember or want to know more about. Pay attention to dreams and recurring symbols.
  • Before quiet time, prayer, or meditation, ask that you can become receptive to the messages that are meant for you, from your guides and ancestors.
  • Watch documentaries, shows, read books, and seek to know more about where you were born and where your family lines have taken root over the past.

Give honor and receive an abundant flow of guidance and soul messages in return.

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Remember, when we heal ourselves, we heal our family- past and present. 



Ancestral wisdom and divine guidance to you!

Have an amazing #Day1 of the #AffirmationChallenge!

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