Weekly Message 10/31~11/5

Peace, Truth, and Protection to you, Divine Beings!

We are re-aligning our weekly messages with this powerful ancestral portal through next Monday, to start back with our Monday/Tuesday weekly posts. Whether you celebrate Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, Samhain, or any other death and afterlife celebrations

or not,

it is helpful to know that the energy among is a strong opening for our ancestors to communicate with us. Regardless of your personal beliefs, ancestral honor and life after death is acknowledged in all systems. It is part of our natural order and cycles. During this time, we honor and explore where we come from. We are called to draw within a bit more than usual, listening intently on the whispers of our soul. The things we are meant to know and hear will be louder than ever, right now, if you are open to receive them. If there are questions that you have about your healing or your journey, just ask them out loud or in prayer and/or meditation, and watch how the signs will be delivered for you!

For this week’s reading, I set the intent for us to receive the message that will bring us clarity and alignment with Self during this energy shift.

Illumination, Joy, Ancestral Honor, Higher Self, Divine Connections/Soul Mate, Abundance, Wisdom, and Spiritual Awakening. 


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The Sun, Happiness: “The light illuminates those who are able to direct it and blinds those who abuse it.” What does this mean for us this week? Finding your light and shining it without worrying about how or if it will be received. Seek your truth, share your truth, and feel the harmony that arrives within when you flow in the way of your divine path. The card is also sharing the message of clarity, security, faithfulness, and glory. Know that happiness is accessible to us all because it comes from within. This doesn’t mean we are happy all the time, but it does mean that we always have the ability to generate our own happiness. Our home is inside, always. Let nothing or no one shift your happiness, but instead, create and hold your own. Shine like the Sun; it always rises!

Made with Square InstaPicSoul Connection Crystal, Lovers (all chakras): This is a love-amplifying crystal card that is encouraging our self-healing and compassion. Represented by clear quartz and smoky quartz, the crystal helps with personal balance, unity with Self, enhancing communication, and connecting to nature. All of these things are medicine that we can use throughout the week as we travel within. The lovers part of the card is speaking to our soul mate connections. If love, divine love, or union with someone else is on your mind, then think about what work must be done within Self to be open and aligned for this type of relationship. If you have already done your self-work and know that you are ready for this divine connection, then trust that it is already in the works! Finally, if you are already in union with your soul mate, twin flame, or life partner, think about what you can do to dive deeper into it to fulfill your purpose with one another. It is time.

Made with Square InstaPicCitrine, Abundance (solar plexus chakra):

A B U N D A N C E is here! What does abundance mean to you? Do you trust that you are living with your divine right to receive all things that you need and want? Are you living abundantly in Self already? Citrine crystal helps to connect us to this energy of abundance and clears old energy patterns that do not serve us anymore. We have drawn this card today to remind us that we can tap into our creative will power to manifest what we need at any moment in our lives. If you are experiencing lack in any area, know that it is a vibration that you can come up out of begin to attract the abundance that you are meant to have! Open and receive.

Made with Square InstaPicAncient Wisdom Crystal (all kinds of quartz crystals) (all chakras): This is the perfect card for the intention set, calling up our ancestors and thanking them for their wisdom. We are all blessed with wisdom, not only from our earthly experiences, but from our spiritual experiences handed down by those who came before us. Family, elders, historical figures of our past, and those who have departed from the physical realm can aid us in our journey if we seek and honor them. In fact, many times, even when we don’t actively acknowledge them, they are still with us guiding and protecting. This card is reminding us of the access we have within to this wisdom and guidance. Take time this week to think about your personal ancestral journey. Have you honored those who have come before you? How do you honor your past and where you come from? How have you learned from and shared the wisdom that you have been bestowed? Think about these things this week as the portal opens for the departed to come back and be among us. Do not fear death and past life, but honor it.


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Selenite, Spiritual Awakening (crown chakra): Cleansing crystal, selenite, is one that helps us to move forward in our awakening. It connects us to our Highest I Am presence. The card is one of encouragement to balance, purify, and cleanse our energy as we enter a new month. During this sacred time, we will experience profound ideas, messages, connections, and opportunities as we elevate our consciousness. Be reminded this week that you are in control of your Self. You are in control of your growth and the pace you choose to grow. While other outside forces are not yours to worry about or control, there is a level of clarity that will arrive when you decide to keep to your self-work. Keep feeling, keep pushing, keep learning, keep opening, keep healing. Awakening is a cycle, a journey, and a necessary part of our mission here.


All is well. Be ready for your abundance flow. It’s still harvest season.


Gratitude for receiving what is yours and for trusting self to know what this all means to you.

Peace + Wisdom to You,

The Love Revolution Blog

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Card decks used:

Rachelle Charman’s “The Healing Oracle Crystal Reading Cards


Egyptian Tarot by Pietro Alligo, artwork by Silvana Alasia

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