Weekly Message **Full Moon Edition** 10/24-10/31

Peace and Truth, Divines!

I know that if you are reading this, you have made it through some challenging past few weeks (some might argue and say months, or years) so honor yourself for living, breathing, and being open to receive! The energy of the moon, the autumn season, and the planets in motion is really forcing us to master some things that we have been cycling through for a while now. You might have heard of the venus in retrograde (scorpio), or the full moon in Taurus, or even the festering energy of autumn and Halloween (which, might I add is a sacred time when the portal opens for our Beloved ancestors to clear the veil and communicate more directly with us). All of these events are creating a ball of energy that brings deepened intuition and the need to let some things/people go. What this means for us spirit beings living the human experience is- healing, introspection, self-work and awareness, the ending of cycles, new beginnings, harvest—all of which are transitions that require some grounding and supreme faith in Divine time. While this time might not always feel comfortable and easy, it is certainly a necessary part of the journey. Think of it as a special rite of passage that you have been honored to travel through in order to grow and become stronger than before.

The intent this week is with the full moon in mind, which reminds us of our growth and our need to release anything lingering that is not helping us to move forward in the direction of our Soul.

Self-love, Self-acceptance, Heart healing, Death/Destruction of old things, alignment, rebirth, and gratitude.




Rhodochrosite, Acceptance (heart chakra focus): One time for self-love and total acceptance of the entire being. Rhodochrosite crystal gives power to our heart space, bringing balance, self-love, self-awareness, and healthy detachment where we need to let go. This card speaks directly to what we are supposed to be doing right now: loving self more and letting go more. Accepting every part of our being- the shadow, the light, the known and the yet to be re-discovered. The past and the present. All of who we are. This week, think about how you can share love with self more intentionally. This card is also telling us to let go of the need to control everything that is happening on our journey or around us at the moment. The most divine things happen when we accept our current circumstances, give thanks for it, and learn how too just be through it all. This is trusting that all is well and all will be well. When we surrender and let go, we open the way for endless possibilities! Is there something that you need to just accept, let be, and let go of today?

SI_20181024_105842.jpgDiopside, Mother Earth (heart chakra focus): Diopside connects us to the healing energy of Motha’ Earth for nurture, womb-healing, and childhood trauma healing. This week we are encouraged to tune in with the healing of nature and all that earth has to teach us. If we pay attention to the things around us outside or even with the life cycle of seasons, we will notice specific soul messages that are being sent right on time. Spiritually, the card is calling us to reach into the heart space and touch parts of self that need healing from past experiences that we might not have resolved. This card is also a special card for mothers or womban who aspire to be mothers. Give thought to the physical and emotional pains that your womb has experienced, and then release those ties. Be free. Be healed. You are blessed by Motha’ Earth and you ARE her. Finally, for men and womben, if there are any issues around motherhood or the mother figures in your life, then now is the time to face them and heal for good. Onward.


Hiddenite, Gratitude (heart chakra focus): Noticed a pattern with the heart chakra cards this week? That is Venus doing her work. Anyways, hiddenite crystal helps us open up for gratitude in all ways! We are being urged to master gratitude this week and to spend more time in thanks than in any other state. Letting go of judgment of self, others, and current situations and replacing those things with gratitude will literally open the gates for abundance to flow in freely. This week, practice genuine gratitude. Find peace and thanks in each situation that you are met with. From breathing, to walking, to walking, to waking up each day- give thanks.

SI_20181024_105946.jpgThe Tower: Ruin, destruction, death– all of these must happen before the restoration of balance, order, and life/rebirth. Sometimes, it is our self that is going through a process of ruin. Our old self is destructing, along with everything we once knew to create a space for the new true self. The Tower has shown up again to remind us of the sacred cycle we are in right now. All things that are not true or not for us will be dissolved and released from our path. What is important to know here is how to identify when this is happening, and how to move on after letting it happen. We must trust ourselves when things feel like they are falling apart, holding on to nothing but our truth and knowledge that we will make it through. Remember, what is divine will always remain standing. It will always be a present guiding light. May we remain open and receptive to all divine changes that are helping us grow.


SI_20181024_110008.jpgQueen of Chalices: “The Lady of Life”, wisdom, hospitality, foresight. Welcome in

L I F E after any death or destruction. The rebirth is what brings us to our new self with new missions and new lessons. This week we must tap into the inner-wisdom that we all have. Learning to be led with spirit allows for deep knowledge and foresight before things happen. It gives us power to make the best choices for self and to know what purpose each experience is serving. The card also means that there could be a certain someone, with feminine energy, that will provide us with some helpful wisdom and hospitality when we need it the most this week. Be open and in tune with self to know when this is happening.


SI_20181024_110032.jpg8 of Chalices: “The papyrus shoot”, illusions, fantasies, improbabilities. Pay attention to your thoughts, what you are conceiving and manifesting, and whether or not they are in alignment with your highest. Sometimes, we spend so much time conjuring up thoughts that we want to become reality, but we don’t even recognize that those thoughts are not really from our purest place. This card is also revealing to us the need to release assumptions, expectations, and rigid thinking when it comes to things that we want for our self during this time. This is not to say that there are limits to what we can manifest, but it is to say that we have to place ourselves in the healthiest position to openly ALL that is needed for our journey, instead of only what we want for self based off our self-limiting restrictions. Remember, we are boundless, infinite, limitless beings!

I will that you take what is nourishing to your soul and meditate on what it all means to you.


Happy Full Moon! Release, rebirth, and give thanks!

The Love Revolution Blog

Card decks used:

Rachelle Charman’s “The Healing Oracle Crystal Reading Cards”


Egyptian Tarot by Pietro Alligo, artwork by Silvana Alasia

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