Weekly Message 10/16-10/23

The autumn energy is settling in as the air gets cooler, the nights seem darker, and the days feel brighter. We are in the midst of a cleansing, calming, era of stillness and powerful inner-work. While these months bring about beautiful energy for manifesting and creating, they also encourage us to go a little slower, be a little bit more still, be a lot more thankful, and just go with the flow of The Divine. This week makes room for that transitioning shift. We are called to brace ourselves, embrace the “just be,” and still keep trust in divine timing through it all.

I set the intention for a true, harmonizing, reading, brought on by my zodiac, The Libra, Maat, as I refer to her. May we open and receive the necessary balance for forward movement in our journey.

“Master of Self, Deeper Healing, Endurance, Past Life, Union with Self or Divine Friend/Lover, New Beginnings, Inner-Peace.”



Made with Square InstaPic10 of Chalices, the chalices of the souls: “happy union,” harmony with others, good reputation and positive energy in a close relationship. The 10 of Chalices serves us the message of a high-vibrating, healing connection with another soul. This union could be a friendship, a romantic relationship, or even a meeting of someone specially purposed for your current journey. It is important to know, though, that this happy union will first meet us when we unite with our self. Our Soul. Our Lowest and Our Highest, brought together and neutralized for the wholeness that we seek. Know that it is already within you. You are whole. This message also speaks to our frequencies and to pay attention to who/what we attract in the coming days. If you’ve asked for a partnership, a close friendship, or any kind of comforting union, ask yourself this week if you are in a space to recognize and receive your own reflections in others. Venus retrograde is lending a hand to this card, as it inspires us to work through love and relationships- with self and others. It’s also very simple- what energy and thoughts you put out into the Universe about self, you will receive.

Made with Square InstaPicThe Tower, Ruin: Destruction, ruin of what we may have thought was firm, arrogance, fighting of ego, punishment, or lack of balance. Do not be afraid of The Tower. How many times have you fallen from one of your very own towers, and survived? Many times, if you are reading this. The Tower is about facing your shadows, the things you fear inside, the things you often push away for another conversation…or for never. Remember, what is within and beneath, will always surface. The Light will always bring it out. The Tower also yields that anything without a solid foundation will come crashing down. This week, there may be realizations or events that speak to this tumbling down of anything not for you anymore, or anything that needs to be faced for the last time. Your tower was built by you, remember. There may have been others who helped in the creation of your tower, or people who inhabited your tower, but if they are no longer meant to be, they will also fall away. Allow the space to clear, take your time, and do what you must to restore balance for a new tower. Don’t use the same supplies that you used last time. That tower did not stand.

Here are more jewels for healing and self-work this week:

Made with Square InstaPicNuumite, Healer (chakras: all): Nuumite is a crystal of the shaman, the healer; help with loving whole self, perseverance, strength, wisdom, and self-mastery. Welcome yourself to your shadows. This is where you become your healer. When we are uncomfortable, in pain, dealing with heartache, frustration, anger, rage, depression, anxiety, deep sadness, loneliness, confusion, uncertainty, and complete madness, we become the light for our darkness. Find comfort in this uncomfortable place by knowing that this is happening for you and with you, not against you. The purpose in the darkness is to find those things hiding within, and face them head-on. Don’t worry about the “why” or “how” just commit to making it through, and then trust that you will.

“You are your healer, so begin.”

Made with Square InstaPicCacoxenite, New Beginnings (chakras: solar plexus & crown): Cacoxenite is the crystal for inspiration, new opportunities, creativity, and passions. We have drawn this card to remind us that new beginnings are here. The things that align with our mission, our purpose, and our power are unfolding before us, whether we feel it, see it, or not. Allow the old to fall away and remain in the space of gratitude for the receipt of your harvest. New beginnings are here.

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Ruby, Shine (chakras: sacral): Ruby stone helps with trauma and grief, creating space within for us to keep loving self through the hard times. We shine when we conquer the things that hinder us from living fully in who we are meant to be. We shine when we allow our own light to heal our aches, pains, and bruises. Find the roots of the things that speak to your lower self, and tear them all the way out. Let the whole self shine.


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Scolecite, Peace (chakras: crown): Scolecite is a frequent visitor of our weeklies, offering us the sacred practice of inner-peace and relaxation. The crystal also helps us to access the thoughts deep within our subconscious so that we can use them for our higher transformation. Go within, find your peace, be that peace, and carry it through this week as you need it.



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Lapis Lazuli, Past Life (chakras: third eye & crown): Ancient stone of  Kemet is here to help with the spiritual awakening process. It opens up the spirit to its innate powers, takes self through the past life experiences, and enhances psychic gifts. The most powerful message that this crystal card is revealing to us this week is to cut karmic ties that are no longer needed.


We have to travel back in time to understand certain things about our present.

What missions did we complete or not complete? What needs to be addressed and commanded to stay in the past. What from our past can we use to help and heal our present and future? If you are struggling with a karmic relationship right now, then go back into your past life intentionally through meditation and ask that the messages you need, be revealed along with clarity on what you must do next to move in the direction of your divine path.




Be well, this week.

Be balance, this week.

Honor your wholeness, whatever that may mean to you.

The Love Revolution Blog


Egyptian Tarot Cards by Pietro Alligo, artwork by Silvana Alasia


The Healing Oracle Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman

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