Weekly Message 10/9- 10/16

Honor to you, Divine Soul, for making it through yet another series of inner tests, lessons, and spiritual growth spurts last week. If you experienced the fire, then you conquered it. It is now time to give yourself some extra love and continue the rise. This week offers the most divine energy for this rise, as we’ve just begun another transformation of clearing with Motha’ New Moon. Now, we reveal our wisdom, our fullness, our expansion through our living.

I’ve set the intention for this week’s reason to align with that of the season and zodiac of The Harmonizing Libra, or Maat, as I refer to our Libra Teacher.

May this reading be one to reveal truth that spirit needs. Let it be a relief for all of our hard work. Let it bring forth the highest clarity. Let it remind us of balance and order.

Self-honor, empowerment, natural order, harvest, sowing new seeds, and being open to new ideas, people,  and directions.



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5 of Chalices, The Eye of the Shen: protection, cycles, and natural order. Supreme protection is required as we cycle through the stages of the soul journey. We must remember that everything that is, was once before. It’s our divine right to observe and acknowledge our growth as we return to certain stages of our cycles. We must also be reminded of natural order- how our thoughts and actions give power to what finds us on the path. Everything that is meant to be will be. Nature is an indomitable force that nurtures, protects, and destroys. Be reminded of nature’s laws this week.


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Knave of Pentacles, The Scribe of Commerce: Business transactions, exchanges, proposals, brilliant idea. As we grow and gather our harvest this week, let’s remember to be open to the infinite and limitless life force energy that will gift us with all that is in alignment with our mission. There will be people, ideas, and opportunities for the taking that will arrive at the perfect time. Be open, receive.


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Ace if Chalices, The Soul of Osiris: Abundance! Joy! Nourishment! These are the products of The Supreme Soul Harvest! All the hard work that you’ve put in will begin to supply tangible results this week. Some of your crops are ready for picking, washing, an enjoying! As a form of self-love and self-honor, be willing and able to bask in all that is yours. NO excuses, NO second-guessing. Just see and know that that news has finally arrived for you. It’s here. Keep the spirits in gratitude and highest vibrations so that the harvest is used to the fullest. You deserve it!


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8  of Swords, The Teeth of Sobek: Inner crisis, censorship, discomfort, fault. Even in the harvest, we are not pardoned from self-awareness and deep reflection. This week there will be a moment of inner resistance that will require some extra meditation, intuition, and soul guidance. If anything comes up that elicits the feeling of suppression, restriction or control, take the moment to ensure that you are following your Highest in forward movement. Remember the flow of natural order. Remember that our shadows, our inner crises, are here to teach us things. May we use this time to grow some more and follow what we know to be true.

Made with Square InstaPicThe Lovers, The Test: If you haven’t come to see this yet, now will be another chance to see that our journey through consciousness, healing, and enlightenment is filled with tests. But what would our strength be without practice? Without the chance to show self that we are truly ready for the next level, the next step, the next part, the next…

The Lovers card is telling us that we will need to make a decision this week that may or may not feel a bit difficult to make. It could be a test of our character or our truth. It could be a test of our knowledge and wisdom. It could be a test to see if we are truly ready to live all out in our divine purpose. Whatever it may be for you, remember who you are. Always seek to honor your Highest Will, and nothing less. Now is not the time for pleasing others, for giving giving giving without being properly compensated in energy and in material gifts. Now is only the time for reaping what we’ve sown. And for sowing new seeds because the cycles are always in motion.

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Queen of Wands, The Lady of Science: Intense friendship, faithfulness, cordiality. We are called to honor our soul connections, our loyal relationships, this week. Also, if you have been manifesting a friendship for this cycle of your journey, know that he or she is being sent your way. This connection could be an existing one or a completely new one. What is most important to pay attention to when meeting anyone “new” is the familiar feeling that will arrive as if you feel like you’ve known them all your life. Be honest, kind, and vibrating in the space that you will to meet your soul friend in. Let trust and compassion in. Let your protection take care of you. Never forget that our reflections come in whatever light or darkness that we need at the time in our life.

The three reminders to help get us through another prosperous week are:

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Tiger’s Eye, Courage (sacral + solar plexus chakras): Go within to find the courage needed for any difficult feelings or situations this week. Never forget that you are equipped with all that is needed to conquer any resistance or shadow that greets you.





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Brazilianite, Flexibility (solar plexus + crown chakras): Be flexible and deeply in tune with Source inside this week to know when to move and when to stand still. As decisions are made, recognize the areas that can be grown through flexibility. Not all things are rigidly bound to the exact thoughts and steps that we create with our mind. Allow the mind to reveal how the spirit is limitless and ever-flowing.



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Sunstone, Empowerment (solar plexus): Transformation, self—empowerment, rebirth, strength and courage. Be illuminated and allow self to shine as brightly as you can. It is time to show your new wings, your new skin, your new aura. It is time to bless those around you with the gifts that were uniquely birthed through you! Be empowered to live fully in all that you are. Shine.



Balance, Clarity, Truth, Harmony, Self-Healing, and Natural Order to you, Divine One, as you travel through.

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Cards pulled from:

Rachelle Charman’s “The Healing Oracle” Crystal Reading Cards




Egyptian Tarot, artwork by Giordano Berti & Alasia Silvana

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