Weekly Message 10/1-10/8

Protection & Balance, Divine Souls!

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We are rising from our Waning Moon Detox Challenge feeling FULL of clarity and power. I’d like to thank everyone who joined us in the detox challenge this past week, sending you peace and encouragement to use the experience as a reminder of your willpower. Now that we have entered a new month, we are walking the maze, deeper into our harvest season! As Motha’ Moon wanes, we are also drawn to our innermost self to receive the messages that are especially created for us! If you did not participate in the detox, you can still go back through our posts and do it on your own or with your village. For quicker access to the daily challenges and meal guides, check out our Instagram Page.

This week’s message opens the way for more reflection, more releasing, and more use of the intuition on a higher level.

Intention is set for clarity on what is needed to move forward for us all as we navigate the energy of a new week and a new month.

“Breakthrough is here, transition, change, remain rooted in protection, keep seeking within, keep trusting all is well, stay in tune with Divine Timing, release more fear if needed.”


Open and receive.

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Breakthrough~  Make way for a major transformation, this week. This transformation could do with self or with a current circumstance we are facing. Change. Breakthrough. The past weeks, months, and year have prepared us for what is now here, and we must remain trusting that what we set our intention on will come into fruition in the most divine way. This rune also speaks to success and prosperity! All the trials, the struggles, the aches and pains were for a purpose. Now, the purpose is being revealed and we see the fruits of our manifestations. Be open for your breakthrough and all that it will bring.

SI_20181001_093147.jpgProtection~ Being careful of the timing of our actions and our intent will serve us well this week. Moving too quickly on something can be detrimental and moving too slow can cause us to miss what has arrived for us. Help may come from the most unexpected person, place, or event this week. The flip side of this rune is telling us to pay attention to our health, who we let into our soul space, and to carefully examine any advice that is given. Protect self, protect essence- at all costs. When harvest season is here, it can be easy to scoop up everything that comes our way, thinking that it is of service to us, but this week things can be a bit tricky. The way to arm self and ensure that we remain protected is to stay true to who we are. Listen to the first instinct and honor the intuition. Close out external influences that do not bring harmony.

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Progress~ Transition, total movement on all levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally- and the Highest, the Soul, will be moved into the positive direction that we need. Be reminded that transitions are for moving us through. This week recognize the movement that will take place for you and remember that there is a time for everything. Progress doesn’t always mean rapid movement. Know this.





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Standstill~ Patience, wait, blockage, seek truth first. Wait, how can there be standstill right after progress and movement?! In order to protect self and move with the flow of The Divine, there will be a moment of standstill to reflect and let things pass over that are not for us. There could be a specific thing that we’ve been wanting so badly, but we are to evaluate whether this thing/person/event is something that is necessary this week. Knowing the difference between higher and lower, wants and needs, ego and spirit…these are all aspects of the journey that sharpen our experiences. Just think, when we harvest, there are some crops that may not have blossomed to their fullest. There could be so many things to pull out of that soil that a moment of stillness is needed. Timing and preservation. The part that we will have to use our intuition on is accepting this and k knowing what to let go. Be still and listen. Stand still and know.

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9 of Swords, The Blades of Thoth~ “nightmares, anguish, suspicion, bewilderment,” …. Whew. Take a second to think about what this means for you. The energy of the week will dredge up some feelings of uncertainty and confusion as we are shifting, but do not be alarmed. Remember that the restoration of balance is not always a beautiful and easy unfolding. As we are going through all these transitions and changes, this is where the protection comes back in again. Whenever there are feelings of anguish, confusion, or uncertainty, we are always called to draw within and seek answers from self. Changes literally UPROOT shadows and things that we will not need anymore for our travels. It is during this time that we are to keep trusting and seeking self to KNOW what is next. If something is off, explore it and move around it. This card also speaks to our dreams. Our ancestors, guides, and shadows communicate with us through dreamwork often, so if there are nightmares or uncomfortable images that we face this week, it could be the need to release more deeply-planted fears. Never be afraid of the dark or the unknown. Our mission is to find the light in self through all things.


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Cleansing to you.

Keep Going,

The Love Revolution Blog

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