Detoxifying Herbs + Algae + Minerals

A little before we started the Waning Moon Detox Challenge, we discovered this local herb store with hundreds of natural supplements. I decided to go explore, research, and try out a few new natural herbal products especially for the detox challenge, and I’m sharing a few! I’ve listed the main health benefits for them all, but I encourage you to read the links and any other information in books or articles that you come across on each of them because there are so many other details to know about them.

Disclaimer: When using supplements of any kind, even the natural ones, it is critical to research as much as you can about them. These things are just a few to consider when trying any herbal/natural supplements:

  • dosages
  • how to prepare them
  • how to consume them
  • what to look for when buying them
  • if they are safe for pregnancy/nursing
  • if they are safe or compatible with certain autoimmune diseases/illnesses 

Zeolite benefits:


° rids body of heavy metals + toxins (like pesticides, radiation. household cleaners, air pollutants, and unclean water)
° can be used internally + externally as a body exfoliate and skin cleanser
° immune boosting
° alkalizes system
° boosts mood
° antimicrobial + antiviral

I’d like to pick a favorite, but I’ve been able to see and feel the benefits of them all, truly! I will say that the most interesting one that found me in the store was the zeolite. I had never heard of it before, didn’t know what it was, and it was on sale for 50% off, so I bought it. After asking one of the store employees what it was best used for, I realized that it was divine- just in time for the detox challenge. It kind of tastes like a clean sand or dirt, if that makes any sense.I enjoyed the mild flavor, but most importantly, I enjoyed the cleansing properties of it. 


Spirulina Benefits 
download (1)

° high in protein
° anti-inflammatory + antioxidant
° lowers cholesterol
° protects against heart disease
° anti-cancer properties  (esp. Oral cancer)
° alternative allergy treatment
° helps anemia
° regulates blood sugar


I love the smell and taste of spirulina! We used it in our smoothies for an extra boost. 

Chlorella Benefits

° high protein source
° iron
° vitamin C
° antioxidants
° omega 3
° rids body of heavy metals
° immune-boosting
° lowers cholesterol
° blood pressure + blood sugar regulators
° aids respiratory diseases
° improves digestion
° relieves PMS sysmptoms



Elderberry Benefits

(not to be confused with the elderberry flower commonly used for tea, but the berries come from the same plant)

download (2).jpg
° treats cold/flu
° allergy relief
° treats infections
° treats sciatica
° treats nerve pain
° laxative, detoxifies


An ancient indigenous medicine! This is one of those cautionary supplements, because the berries and bark cannot be eaten raw. The berries contain cyanide as well as other harmful gases that will release into the body if they are not prepared correctly. I purchased the dried whole, organic berries. The berries are typically made as a syrup after boiling for 15-20 minutes. Please research the different ways to prepare and consume beforehand!


Gratitude to My Beloved Ancestors for imparting their wisdom through medicinal healing, the natural way. Remember, the earth provides all that we need. There is so much to re-learn about who we are and what health truly is!




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