Waning Moon Detox Challenge, Day 3

We made it through one full day of detoxing and fasting, and we are on day 3 of this eye-opening cleanse. Honor yourself for pushing through! If you are participating in the 5-day challenge, trust that it will get easier, especially as we are now beginning to increase the amount of whole food intake. Now also, you may begin to incorporate some creative ways to prepare your meals. If you’ve done a raw vegan fast before, then this is probably nothing to you, but for all of the people who are not accustomed to fasting, raw foods, veganism, or vegetarianism, this may be a serious challenge. Don’t forget to reflect on your intentions- your reasons for doing this in the first place. Our intentions are what drive us in all that we do. They also bring about the results that we are looking for if we stay true to them.

For the participants of the 3-day detox challenge, this is your last full day of cleansing. Below is the daily challenge exercise to incorporate in your meal plan. Also, just to be clear, you can cook your foods during lunch and dinner. Remember, just no frying. 🙂

An example meal for lunch: glass of water, fruit & veggie smoothie, seasoned quinoa or wild rice.  



R E L E A S I N G. 

Not just for our physical health, but for our whole self. Detoxing should bring awareness to areas that are difficult to navigate in our lives so that we can know how to conquer them.


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For the 3-day challenge participants: once you have completed the day, please come back and let us know how it went for you! How did you feel? What realizations did you come to? What did you learn (about self or about health)? Feel free to stay connected with us through our posts as we finish up the 5-day challenge, too! We will be sharing a bunch of helpful information about herbs, crystals, and mental/spiritual aspects of cleansing.



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