5 tips for making it through a detox/fast

To help us get through, you know, keep our sanity, during this Waning Moon Detox Challenge, we’ve created a helpful list of things to practice. When we detoxify our systems, we are also losing our sanity, in a sense. We are letting go of what we know or what has once been. Think about it. When you intentionally alter your body’s chemistry, for the better, you are uprooting all sorts of things from within. Aside from the obvious biological changes that will impact your energy, there are other mysterious things happening in the psyche.

On the physical level, though, it is common to feel irritable, short-tempered, tired, spurts of high energy, mood swings, and more. Instead of drawing from food as sources of energy, we begin to pull from our own source of energy to keep moving. In the beginning of a detox, this can be a difficult thing to conquer, but the amazing part is being able to see and feel how it can be done. Getting over the hump of making it through an entire day without eating like your normal self is difficult, but not impossible. It is also an exercise of your willpower! Can you stay true to your intention and your mission? Can you recognize areas that need a little re-adjustment? Can you overcome the initial feelings of doubt, aggravation, and whatever else comes up through this lifestyle change?


Detoxing should and can be an enjoyable experience, not a dreadful one. It should be empowering and energizing, even in the midst of the challenge.

If you need a little encouragement, here are some guides.

  1. Clear your spaces, often.  It is important when detoxing to be sure that the spaces you frequent the most are also getting cleaned up, both literally and energetically. Places like your home, bedroom, office, bathroom, etc. are all spots that should be tidied up and energetically cleared. As weird as it may sound, the bathroom is a KEY spot to clear and clean, because this is where we eliminate toxins from our body.


Why is this?

What does this have to do with my detox?


Remember, that all things are energy. As you take yourself through a cleanse of any sort, you are unknowingly letting go of stagnant energy from your body/mind/spirit. Even for those who are detoxing solely for weight or health reasons, understand that even those personal reasons are forms of energy. By cleansing self, you should also be cleansing the areas around you so that the release is complete. Another reason for cleaning/clearing space around you is to set yourself up for complete relaxation and success. Clearing space can be done by smudging, if you do not regularly cleanse your home or living/working spaces. There are many ways to smudge, but we will keep it simple here. Doing things like lighting incense, lighting candles, burning sage, chanting, or praying with the intention of clearing negative energy will all work. Do what you feel most comfortable with.


  1. Mood shifts & irritability are natural.

Picture Source: https://www.arttoself.com/embrace-your-mood-swings/

Don’t feel bad, don’t feel ashamed, don’t feel abnormal, and don’t resist them. A way to deal with them is to be conscious of them and affirm them before releasing them. For example, if you are feeling extra hungry and irritated as a result, you can mentally or verbally affirm that you are feeling this way. “I’m so annoyed and so impatient right now, and I know why.” This may seem contradictory to the usual positive affirmations that are encouraged, but the key thing to realize here is that you are letting the feelings through you and then OUT. Once you’ve let these emotions through you, you may reflect on what must be done to conquer them.


During detoxing, find things to do to help yourself through like:

  • stepping outside for air
  • meditating
  • saying a prayer or chant
  • drinking extra water
  • intentional grounding exercises (putting feet on the ground grass, touching a tree, planting, cooking, cleaning)
  • deep breathing
  • having a small snack that is still in alignment with the detox
  • writing

Basically, doing anything that you know for sure will help you in your current space is essential. You are in control of your thoughts and actions. No worries.


  1. Solitude is a must.

No excuses here, please. I don’t care if you think you cannot step away from work, family, or any other daily chaos that you may be enduring right now. Take time, even if it is within your own mind, to have complete solitude.


What does this mean?

Create a time and space where you will not be allowing in any distractions from anyone. If this requires a little more boundary-setting than usual, then so be it. As a parent, caregiver, business owner, student, or whatever title you may take on in this life, it is still imperative that you spend time with self. Detoxing especially is a necessary time for solitude because you NEED the space to release and reflect on what you are experiencing. You need it. It is natural, and you deserve it.


  1. Support.

Having at least one person (doesn’t have to be a person that you see daily; they can be distance support) will alleviate the lonely feeling that can come along with detoxing. Let’s face it, most people are not walking around here doing detox programs and healthy lifestyle regimens, so when you are journeying through yours, it can feel really lonely. Having a little support can go a long way. Another reason for having a supportive tribe member is helpful is because it serves as extra accountability. Even if the other person is not participating in the program, if they are supportive, they will want to know how you are. Having someone check in and see how it’s going can not only inspire you to stick it through, but it just feels good to know that you aren’t alone.

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  1. Be gentle with self, always.

If you fall short of something that you aspired to complete within the detox, please don’t give all the way up. Please don’t beat yourself up, either. Trust that you are doing the right thing and the best thing for yourself at this moment. Detoxing is not easy, ever- that’s the point of the challenge! Take your lesson and keep it pushing to the end of your mission.

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Happy Releasing, Beautiful Souls!

Keep going.

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