Waning Moon Detox Challenge, Day 2

Let the cleanse begin!

Welcome to day two of our holistic detox as we release with the energy of the moon. Today is really the first full day of detoxing since we began after dinner last night, so get ready for whatever you set your intention on.

Speaking of setting intention, here’s an example of what it means to write/set your intention:

“For this detox, I will be more health-conscious, feel better, and gain clarity on the next step in my journey…”

Set your intention as if you know that it will be done and encourage yourself to stick to it. You got this.

The 3-day challenge is really 2 full days of cleansing, and the 5-day is really 4 full days of cleansing. Do whatever serves your highest, and listen to yourself. If you already maintain a pretty balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle, then the 3-day challenge may be a nice space for you to do a quick reset. The 5-day challenge is a bit more intensive, so if this is your first detox or if you haven’t been eating your healthiest, then be sure to take time to research detoxing before diving all the way in. Either way, this challenge is one that requires self-work and some dedication. Be gentle with yourself, take your time, know when to push through and when to ease up. If you ever experience feelings of guilt during this journey, then use those feelings as a guide to understand what it is your spirit and body is telling you. Also, if there is something within the dietary guide of the detox that you do not understand, or something that does not align with your current lifestyle, then research, research, research for yourself to make informed decisions.

Anyways- let’s get to the day 2 challenge exercises. Aside from the fasting and physical detoxing, we will also be posting daily exercises to help with spiritual alignment and clarity. Everyone is encouraged to complete as many of the exercises as possible, along with the fasting part of the detox. We will also be sharing other facts, tips, and hints on our Insta, such as crystal healing, meditation, and other holistic energy-enhancing tools.

If you missed the daily meal guide for the detox, read our last post to help yourself plan out meals for the duration of the challenge.


Enjoy Day 2:




If you aren’t on Instagram and you would still like to see our other health and spirituality  #WaningMoonDetoxChallenge posts, we will come back and post here after the detox is complete. Thank you for joining in on self-healing. Share, comment, like, and subscribe if you haven’t already. We would love to hear from you!


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