Waning Moon Detox Challenge Welcome

Peace, Divine Souls!

Thanks for joining us on this cleansing challenge while we begin a journey into self for clarity and a fresh start. This particular detox is about a holistic spiritual cleanse as well as a healthy reset for the body. The detox has been designed for those who want to detox for 3 days (which is really 2 full days) or 5 days (which is really 4 full days). You can stop at day 3, or keep going until the 30th with us. It may serve many purposes for you, so take some time to think about why you are deciding to do this. The waning moon, happening now, is about releasing, letting go of stagnant things, clearing, and going within to listen to your messages. It is a powerful time to be participating in a detox or intentional cleanse, right now.

The Waning Moon Detox Challenge will consist of a healthy eating/food detox guide, and a daily challenge that encourages a little extra reflection as you take yourself through. There will be daily meditation exercises, helpful tips and information presented, and some writing to journal your experience.

Detox Challenge GuideAll participants are encouraged to take whatever is needed and do what appeals to you. The structure of the detox is very open, with a few guides put in place for a little structure. While most of the foods we will consume follow Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide, you are more than welcome to implement healthy foods that you know benefit you. For example, there aren’t beans, herbs, minerals, algae, etc. on the Sebi Nutritional Guide, but if you consume certain beans (lentils, black beans,etc) then please do so during your detox if it serves you well. The guide is just to help with ideas and a healthy, researched, alkaline structure for us all. Be creative, and do your thing!

I’ve listed below the DAY 1 challenge and meal plan for this evening, as well as the rest of the day’s meal guides. Tune in each day for helpful tips, recipe ideas, and the spiritual exercise part of the challenge. If you follow our Instagram page, we will be providing a lot of quick, creative, and extra info there.

If you haven’t already, go back and read our pre-detox preparation post today so that you can be ready for the full days to come.


Detox Day 1


Here are the daily meal guides for the rest of the detox! Keep in mind that there is a 3-day challenge and a 5-day challenge, which all depends on your needs and preference.

Day 2 detox ChallengeDay 3 Detox

 If you are doing the 3-Day challenge, then this is the last day for you! We will have special challenge exercises for the 3-day and 5-day participants. Continue below for the 5-day detox.  

day 4 again

Collage 2018-09-26 12_03_05

Don’t forget to subscribe to the site, here, so that you can get daily updates when we post our exercises and daily challenges. Feel free to email or comment below for any questions, or to just share your experience.

Let’s do this!

Release & Cleanse,

The Love Revolution Blog

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