Quick Self-Guide: What Should I Be Doing Before A Detox?

It can be exciting to embark on a healing detox journey, especially when you know that you need it–and don’t we all! While detoxing is our body’s natural function that occurs daily, usually when we intentionally go on a “detox” or cleanse, we are doing so for a greater purpose. We are inciting change so that the entire being can be a space of whole vitality. Even for those who maintain a healthy, balanced diet, detoxing can rid our bodies of atmospheric stresses and toxins, while amplifying our consciousness for a purified soul space. True enough, some detox for specific, personal reasons, but the overall goal should always be our health, our healing. Even during getting our minds ready for a cleanse, there are a few things we can do to prepare for it. I’ve outlined a quick and simple list of tips to help us get ready for the Waning Moon Detox Challenge tomorrow!

Disclosure: the following are just helpful tips to think about and further research on your own. Seriously, research more on your own. Look up articles, find your spirit tribe leaders and friends, learn more, and grow without limit. This is not medical advice, and it should not be followed without personal, spiritual consent of your own guide. If you are pregnant, nursing, or trying to become pregnant, please read more about detoxing, which types of detoxes are safe for you, as well as the safety of everything that you look to consume or practice during your cleanse. Peace

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    Drink more (clean) water and liquids like natural spring water, alkaline water or purified water if you don’t have access to natural springs, natural herbal teas, 100% natural fruit/vegetable juices and smoothies. It is important to cleanse before the cleanse. Truth is, there are all sorts of health tips and suggestions when it comes to how much water we must drink daily, but I will not get too much into that here. According to the work by Honorable Ancestor Dr. Sebi, the first meal of the day should be at least 16 oz of natural spring water. Another basic rule of thumb is drinking at least half your body weight in ounces (if you are 100 lbs, drink 50 oz a day minimum). We are made up of mostly water, so good water is what we should be consuming throughout the day. We may also think that we need to hoard food for a few days before a big detox so that we can get in all the foods we love before they are given up for a period of time, but this is just setting the body up for more strenuous work that is unnecessary. Depending on your lifestyle and eating habits before a detox, you want to get your body ready for drastic changes without putting it through shock. Imagine eating processed foods for months and then one day just deciding to stop eating all together. While some people can go “cold turkey” in their diet and daily habits, the body always needs a little time to adjust to change. It is suggested that we do a liquid fast for 2-3 days before beginning a detox. In our Waning Moon Detox Challenge, we have built in this prep for the first 1-2 days, depending on if you are participating in the 3-day or 5-day detox.

  1. Set your intention. Write it down. Reflect on why you are detoxing and what you want to gain from it in the end. This not only helps with personal focus and success in the detox journey, but it helps to strengthen your alignment with truth and willpower.
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3. Get rid of tempting foods or foods that will not be in the detox nutritional guide. Clear your space. Set yourself up for mastery. By “get rid of,” I do not mean to throw good things away necessarily. There are tons of creative ways that you can stash stuff, give it to someone else for the time being, or whatever works for you while you are in detox-mode. Avoid the foods that you know you will not be consuming on the detox (typically processed foods, sugars, pastas & breads, meats, fast foods, fried foods, etc.). We will have a list of suggested things and foods to avoid during the detox just to serve as reminders and guidance throughout the journey.

4. Research yourself. No, not research, by yourself, but research who you are, your body type, and where you come from. What???? It helps to know special things about your own body type, such as blood, family/ancestral health history, allergies, and triggers for imbalances so that you know what to avoid or what to adopt during the detox. For example, if you tend to have low blood sugar, low iron, etc., think about what foods and habits can help this during the detox. What foods do not combine with your nature well? Even through detoxing, there are plenty of things that may or may not work with your body right away. Stay informed. Heal thyself.

5. Research everything else, too. Everything that you are drawn to know more about or want to be taught- go find it. Never expect someone else to educate you, but instead, use the information that you come across and go deeper. In the age of media and mind control, there sooooo many sources, legitimate and not, that circulate information for those who seek. If things don’t seem right with you, then dig deeper. If there are things you’ve been taught about health and wellness that do not align with what you feel is best for you, then keep looking for answers. When it comes to detoxing, take time to find out what it’s for, where it came from, how your ancestors did it, what types of detoxes there are out there.

6. Use what you have at home, first. No need to feel pressured to go out and buy a whole overhaul of things, unless you just really want to, then by all means! It helps to survey your fridge, cabinets, and pantry before going to the store, because many times we already have half of what we need. Make a list of what you already have, and then use that to make a list of what you may still want to buy for the detox.

Some of the things we will be using during the detox- seeded key limes, seeded grapes, organic sweet potatoes, burro bananas, fresh cilantro. 

7. Gather your necessities. There may be a few staples, like clean water, that will ensure your health and success during your detox. Be sure to find and include things that you really enjoy (within the detox program you are doing) so that there will be a balance to appreciate about it. For example, if you enjoy sweet tastes, then find out what you can eat within the nutritional guide of the detox and get some! There are so many programs out there that suggest you “need” to have their special brand of herbs, formulas, or foods, but really, detoxing should be simple and enjoyable. No need for any expensive pills, herbal formulas, or plans if you don’t want to buy them.

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8. Stay in the moment & treat it as a sacred journey, because it is! Sometimes, we can get caught up in the ego-side of doing our self-work where we want to reveal to the world that we are doing something special, but, it is our natural, normal right. No comparisons- just do what helps you grow. Keep to the sacredness of your intention and your journey so that it can provide you with the most benefits. Always remember why you are doing it. How is this serving you? How will you grow? Remember those things.


Let’s get our spiritual spaces ready for this amazing, holistic cleanse! Be back tomorrow with detox program details, which will include the meal outline and the daily challenge!



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Information about water and pre-detoxing with liquid fasting found on: http://alkhalife.net/dr-sebi-10-day-cleanse-fasting-expel-mucus-toxins-flush-body-and-loss-weight


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