Weekly Message 9/24-10/1

Peace, Revolutionary Souls~

Do you feel the open and clear energy of this new week and this new season? The veil is lifting, the abyss is offering us deeper wisdom, and the light is growing within. What needs to be revealed will be revealed, without a doubt. Be in the space of receiving and listening to all of your soul’s directions.

After yesterday’s full moon, we may feel a sense of renewal while also receiving a shower of messages from our shadow sides. All this energy is for our growth and spiritual expansion, even the not-so-light energies that may sneak up.

I set the intention for a unique reading this week, opening the space for a message that will speak to the collective on what is happening on the soul journey right now. This is what came of it:

“Your harvest in the physical realm is just ahead. Your harvest in the spiritual realm is bountiful and unimaginable. They are both in sync.  If there is anything left to go through before it arrives in your hands, this week will be the week to see it through. Keep to your patience. Earn your next crown.”


Made with Square InstaPicBlack Obsidian, The Shadow (root chakra): Black obsidian is a powerful stone of clearing and protection that can reveal to us things about self that are deeply rooted. This card rests in the place that speaks to a hidden issue or current influence in our lives, so many of us may be called this week to let our shadow sides speak. What does this mean? It means that we must continue to push through the darkness, the shadows, the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that we often try to hide from self and others. It is the shadow part of our consciousness that teaches us valuable lessons on our personal healing. Although we have been taught that “shadows” and “darkness” is associated with evil, we have actually been deprived of knowing and healing the whole self by ignoring our shadows. So, this week is really about releasing, dissolving old patterns that have not been healthy for us, and letting go of unresolved problems so that we can be open to receive what is truly ours. Let the gifts of your shadow in. Let the messages in, let the healing happen.

Made with Square InstaPicPyromorphite, Patience (solar plexus & heart chakras): I know, I know- “how much more patience do I need to have?!” The answer- however much patience that will carry you through and to your divine mission. If you’ve been hanging in there, honor yourself for this. This card speaks to what is needed in order to navigate your own path of least resistance. Patience. Crystal wise, pyromorphite helps us to strengthen our self-esteem, assertiveness, and intuition. By using our wise gift of patience, we are proclaiming our power as master of our universe, as child of this universe. Like all other things of nature, we exercise patience because we know that what is to come is just for us, and just right. Remember that this week when things come up that remind you of something you have really been wanting for a while now. Or when you are in a hurry to get somewhere, and things are not going as planned. Remember, patience.

Made with Square InstaPicCuprite, Rites of Passage (base and sacral chakras): This card is a deeper reflection of the first card we drew. Cuprite is a sacred grounding stone that offers nurturing as it takes you through your shadow self so that you can fully heal. If we struggle with firmly rooted fears, past traumas, unhealthy ancestral cycles, or anything that causes us constant imbalance, it is time to finish up those trenches and climb out. The energy of this week, aligning with that of Motha’ Moon, is a releasing energy while we will simultaneously be growing from within. When we travel through this and conquer, we are experiencing a spiritual rites of passage. A level up. A rare crystal. Remember to stay near your root this week as you swim through the currents of emotions, destructive habits and thoughts, unbalanced relationships, forgiveness, transitions, or whatever it may be. Make it to your rites of passage.



The Love Revolution Blog


Cards pulled from deck by Rachelle Charman, “The Healing Oracle Crystal Healing Cards”

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