Waning Moon Detox Challenge 9/26-9/30

Peace & Revolution to you, Divine Souls!

We have been taking a much-needed break from posting and from social media the past two weeks, but we are back in action for harvest time! In honor of the autumn equinox and the full moon today, we are launching a detox challenge later on this week. Detoxing is a great way to gain clarity in your life, to reduce stress, to heal imbalances, and to increase your intuitive powers. The Universe is providing us with yet another portal for our personal growth as we begin to let go of habits, thoughts, people, places, and things that are in the way of our soul’s optimal growth. Detoxing before the close of September will install a firm foundation for the remainder of the year!

About the Waning Moon Detox Challenge:

The Love Revolution Blog Waning Moon Detox Challenge is a holistic approach to detoxing, as it will not only focus on health and wellness through whole foods, clean water, herbs, and juices, but it will also focus on meditating, mindfullness, mindlessness, fasting, and journaling. It is truly a full-spiritual experience that can be easily done in the comfort of your own time and space.

There will be an option for participants to join in on a 3-day detox or a 5-day detox, and this decision will be up to you. The difference between the 3-day and the 5-day is just a matter of your preparation and physical/spiritual needs. The detox program is built and based on Honorable Ancestor Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet; therefore, anyone who joins can follow the guide and eat based on their own preference within the Dr. Sebi-approved foods. We are not using Dr. Sebi’s detox program (verbatim) or products, but we have studied and created a basic outline to help participants follow along with their own meals throughout the detox.

For more information on Dr. Sebi and his healing mission, visit the site and get informed for yourself before beginning the detox.

**Click on the image below, follow the link, and you can create an account for free to download a clear version of the nutritional guide.

Image from Pintrest- For clearer picture, you can google “Dr. Sebi approved food list” or “Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide”

How to join: 

All participants can join in on the challenge through our Instagram page where we will post the daily challenge and food detox guide, as well as other helpful detox tips and information. If you are not an Instagram user, we will also be posting the daily challenge and food detox guide right here on the blog! If you have medical restrictions, are pregnant or nursing, be sure to research FIRST, follow the direction of your soul, and consult your trusted experts that you normally go to for medical advice. There are several herbs, spices, and foods that must be avoided or taken in specific dosages if you have certain health concerns, so always research first, with anything that you do or consume. Remember that the detox program is to reset, recharge, and clear out what is not serving the body and soul.

All participants are encouraged to go at their own pace, and even get close family and friends to join in for accountability and support.


See you Wednesday!

If there are any questions about the detox program or challenge, please email us or comment here. Don’t be shy.

The Love Revolution Blog

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