Weekly Message 8/20-8/27

Can we just take a moment to sit still, breathe in this new energy, and thank Mercury retrograde for its healing- chaos included? As we have reached a new week, a new day, and a new astrological shift, we are also renewed in our higher self.

Give thanks for all of the lessons you have learned and conquered!

This reading certainly reflects the renewed spiritual energy that we are in!

Intention is set for the divine flow of messages from a space of love, healing, and enlightenment.


“Progress, a strengthened and renewed spirit, divine feminine rising, completion, prosperity, and material gains.”

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Messenger: Spiritual progress and awareness of where we are headed. Take note of your own soul work, your progress, your lessons, your messages, and your purpose this week. We will be given many opportunities to honor our progress. There will also be a few tests, which act as messengers, to reveal to us how far we have traveled on our spiritual journey.




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Wholeness: Strengthened life force energy, self-realization, completion, and overcoming adversity. Our stamina is solidified. Our healing is reaching completion in all areas that we have been nurturing. Our wholeness is a lesson. We can navigate any challenges this week with a strengthened, balanced, and stable energy.




Made with Square InstaPicCompletion: Fertile time, a time for resolutions. Planting new seeds and allowing seeds to be sown is in the air. If there was any resistance in the previous weeks during mercury retrograde, those things will be coming back around, but this time with easy flow and no resistance. There are resolutions, now, for the problems that presented themselves before. Anything that was put on hold, but still meant to surface later, will now surface and be DONE.

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Opening: Let something pass that is meant to. Light in the darkness and an opening of the divine way. The way is open, the path is clear again. As mercury resets to its direct path, there will be another clearing that will either send things on by us that are meant to keep on passing by. This will help with clarity and movement. Let yourself also be clear and open.




Made with Square InstaPicPossessions: Prosperity and material gain will be presented. All the hard work will be rewarded finally. New opportunities have arrived.  Abundance and boundless ideas will both be placed in the soil and sprouting up from past seeds. Let these things be on heavy rotation this week! Material things will flow in, so if there is something that you want or need, trust that those things will meet you with a divine ease. No effort will be needed for these things, as they have been making their way to you this whole time.


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Diopside: Mother Earth (heart chakra focus). This week we are reminded to align our energy with the heart of the earth for healing and forward movement. Medicines such as unconditional divine love, balance, grounding, and feminine energy will be our helpers, if we allow them in. This card also points us to heal any childhood trauma (for all) and womb trauma (for the Goddesses).

Goddess, nurture and love yourself a little something extra. Pay attention to the emotions, the balance, and the wisdom of your womb. What is your life creator and preserver telling you? How is your womb health?

For the male energy, this is good energy to also heal any past issues connected to your mother or mother-figures in your life. If you are at discord with self, think about the divine feminine energy of Motha’ Earth. What is she telling you? How is the nurturing going in your life? Honor the earth, this week in any way that you are called.

This card is also a sign to pay attention to the cycles and signs that earth provides us with daily. Use these messages for healing by tuning into your source and receiving what Universe sends your way.

May we connect with our Highest this week, and be open to receive abundance in all forms!

The Love Revolution Blog


 Crystal card pulled from Rachelle Charman’s “The Healing Oracle” Crystal Deck 


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