Weekly Message 8/13- 8/20


Is everyone making it through this intense energy forecast? If you’ve been feeling a little “off” lately, you are not alone. It’s not only in the air, it’s in stars! No worries, though, this shift is coming to a cyclical close soon and there will be a nice release that will bring some clarity. One day at a time.

Let’s look at the energy reading for the week!

May this reading be one of clarity, power, intuitive direction, and divine guidance for all who need.

“Pulling self through, rising higher into Source within, TRUSTing, self-healing, manifesting, and tuning divine willpower.”

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The Hierophant, Inspiration.This week, we are reminded to seek counsel and guidance from our inner resources. There will be waves of inspiration that will crash into existence this week as we draw closer to the end of mercury retrograde. A veil of clarity should set in if we remain open to receive all our divine messages. Through stillness and the attention to our natural instincts, we can gather our necessary soul whispers so that the way can remain open and least resistant. Be inspired and let your passions take you on a journey inside to reveal something profound that you may have been needing.

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The Emperor, Accomplishment. Let the energy of your consciousness shift to the knowing that what you’ve been manifesting is finally going to yield your results. Accomplishment is also a message that speaks to our soul work. Give yourself some love for making it through an intense few weeks of what felt like self-awareness boot camp. You’ve done the work and you can take a moment, a break, to give thanks for all that you’ve accomplished.

This week send intention to your willpower! What would you like to accomplish? What must you push through and clear up to finally get to your personal goals? Recognize the lightening of resistance as you release unnecessary control that could be rooted in things like fear, anger, or past trauma. Now is the time to receive, as you’ve given much to get here!

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Knave of Chalices, Meditation. Recurring message and theme from the past two weeks is still among us, because now is the time to UP our meditative practices. Begin to expand the mind and the spiritual experience by challenging yourself this week to meet meditation in different ways. Really, meditation is the training of the mind and body, which directly relates to spirit, to balance our energy and to receive uploads from our source. If you find yourself in desperate need of answers for anything this week, remember to operate the inner-self through your own meditation, first. The answers always come when we are in a grounded, balanced space to receive them.


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10 of Swords, Momentary halt or stillness before action. As the astrological changes keep on, so does life and so does our journey. This week there could be a feeling of stagnancy or setback because we are called to stop, first, and then wait for the “go” before moving on something. Don’t fret if something appears to be a setback. This is when you tap into your own powers and place your trust in the flow of the universe. Trust that even the halt or delay is serving a higher purpose in your journey. We may even tend to feel compulsive or fast-moving this week as we combat the end of mercury retrograde but know that this is just a call to tune into your intuition before making any quick decisions. Trust.

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8 of Chalices, illusions, fantasies, improbabilities. If we are not grounded, it becomes easy to develop illusions within our own mind’s world. When we speak of manifestations, especially, there is a fine balance between fantasies and what we TRULY know to be true for ourselves! While there are no limitations to what we create with our experience in this lifetime, there are self-created barriers that pop up when we are out of alignment with our Source. Staying grounded this week is especially important for the flow of our manifestations. Careful not to get too carried away with time demands and unnecessary pressures. Release the need to know every step and know that Universe is already responding to what you’ve placed out.


Take a quick look at the crystal reading cards, which all connect directly to the tarot cards pulled above! Energy is energy.


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Amethyst, Meditation (third eye focus). I won’t go into too much here, since we’ve received the meditation message above, but I will say that the medicine of amethyst can certainly be of assistance as we navigate our healing this week! To help with anxiety, dream recall, psychic abilities, and enhanced self-awareness, allow the medicine in.




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Agate, Healthy Body (base and sacral chakras focus). Aligning the energy of the body naturally invokes an awareness of overall healthy within our divine temples. This card also came up recently in one of our weekly readings, and it remains in rotation, because when we are healthy, we vibrate higher. If there are any ailments this week, pay close attention to the spiritual aspects that connect to it. How can you be healthier, inside and out—on all levels of self? Tune in and heal thyself.


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Nuumite, Healer (all chakras focus). This crystal is the stone of the medicine woman/man, the shaman. Did you know that we all possess the power to heal ourselves? We all are composed of life force energy that can flow and heal through us, if we choose. This crystal helps with self-mastery, endurance, wisdom, and self-love. Do the work. Know thyself.



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Libyan Tektite Gold, Manifestation (crown chakra focus). We’ve also visited this energy recently in messages, and it arrives again to remind us of our creation powers! Harvest time comes with the seasonal changes and astrological shifts. As Motha’ Moon waxes now, after our recent new moon, we will see the unfolding of our deepest desires. Allow your passion and purpose to flow and bless you as all blockages of fear and uncertainty are dissolved. Let it be. Let your harvest be abundant!



Peace be with you this week,


The Love Revolution Blog

Cards pulled from Rachelle Charman’s “Healing Crystal Oracle” deck 


The Egyptian Tarot, artwork by Alasia Silvana

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