Weekly Message: 7/30 – 8/6

Peace within, Divine Soul. Welcome to the present, the here, the now, once again. The reading for this week is a balance of inspiration and challenge. We are called to step into, run into, or jump into a new beginning.

A new beginning in the midst of mercury retrograde, you say?!

Yes. It can be preparation for the shifts that will come once some of the planets in retrograde right now go direct, or it can be preparation for NOW. Either way, embrace it. It is here.

This new beginning is one that is all part of the natural, divine flow of the energy we have been given. This beginning could be new for us, but it is one that the universe has been waiting to deliver. Go with it, not against it. There is no need to make any drastic changes, still, but there is more of a push to be OPEN to the wave of newness that is on its way. Be the flow, one with the wave, and do not worry about anything else.

Open, and receive the messages that meet your soul.

The energy of the week is about trusting self through the divine changes, loving self, moving with your Highest, and continuing self-mastery.


Made with Square InstaPicAce of Wands: “The Scepter of Horus.” The message is new beginnings. What divine timing the ace of wands shows up for us, especially as we are entering the waning phases of Motha’ Moon. With releasing, comes growing. With growing, comes something new. The beginning of something is here for us, whether it be an idea, a movement, a project, a life…we must be prepared to walk in this new transition with gratitude. It’s important not to stress about the details, here. The why’s and the how’s should be of no concern to us as we receive the initiation of something that we’ve been waiting patiently for. This card also brings us energy of creativity and taking initiative. Warm up your willpower this week and get ready to be overflowing with creative thoughts that will help to launch you into your new beginning. Always remember, there are no limitations but the ones we create in the mind.

Made with Square InstaPic8 of Wands: “the shoot of the papyrus.” I imagine this shoot to be where the secret messages fly through with intention of meeting the right person on the other side. Just what we need to hear following that hint about new beginnings. This message is one of movement, ambition, action, and success. Spirit wants us to know that we have EVERYTHING we need to transition into this new stage of the journey. Never underestimate the things that will show up through you, for you, and with you when it is time to move. While the energy of the atmosphere could feel more intense than usual this week, there will be a moment of clarity, if we are receptive to it, that will provide specific instructions on what we must do in our next space. Spiritually, you may feel yourself stretching and growing. Continue to seek solitude, rest, and create inner peace as you open to receive all of your spiritual messages. You know what to do next. Trust that.

Made with Square InstaPic10 of Pentacles: “The emblems of power.” If money, income, wealth, or growing business transactions have been on the manifestation brain, then know that these things are now available! This message specifically speaks to gaining something just from a special connection that you have or may have once had in another life. If you remain in the worthy space of receiving and trusting, then know that something special is coming this week for you! This could be a material gift, money, an opportunity, or anything that is connected to your divine will. The cards are really loud about ancestors with this one. This week, we will continue to align with the gifts, guidance, and whispers of our ancestors. They will be rewarding those who have been seeking and working through their divine purpose. Our flesh often likes to be rewarded for hard work, so this is almost like a message of reward or merit in the karmic realm. Angels say, “keep going!”

Made with Square InstaPic2 of Swords: “The crown of Ptah.” There could be a decision that needs to be made this week, but know that once it is decided, the opening of the new beginning will be even more evident in your life. The gates will literally seem to break open in an area that you have been outside waiting to get into. The other sign that this card would like to illuminate is one of friendship and protection. If there needs to be an important decision made this week, remember to consider those who are close to you. Trust that by following your Highest, you will always be protected, an those who are closely connected to you will also walk in your light of protection. Keeping in mind the effects of mercury retrograde (July 26th-August 16th), decision-making could feel more out of balance than usual. If needed, seek answers within first, and then trust The Divine to guide you to a trusted source if need be.

Made with Square InstaPic5 of Wands: “The Power of Ptah.” There is something else about releasing happening with the energy of the week. As the moon wanes, she reveals to us the beauty in letting go. The cards want also reveal to us the power that we have within to separate ourselves from someone or something that is no longer serving our highest soul space. If there is a business partner, lover, friend, family member, or anyone with whom you are sharing a spiritual contract with, then now is the perfect time to create the intention for the division to be done. If a mutual consent is reachable, then expect this to be a harmless transition that will clear the way for your new beginning. If there is friction or resistance within as you read this, then keep reading for the rest of the weekly message. Know that you can navigate your way through this by asking Universe to keep you in alignment with nothing but your Highest, ego aside. Release any fear. Trust self.

Aquamarine: Communication. Surprise! Does this card look familiar? If you tuned into last week’s message, then communication will seem like déjà vu. Mercury wants us to fine tune our communication skills as we acknowledge our own ways of communicating with others, especially ones we love. This week, we will be provided with more opportunities for self-reflection and learning. What’s important is our ability to use our intuition and spiritual senses in their fullness. Touch your heart. Touch your throat. Imagine that there is a green light caressing your heart, opening it up. Now imagine that there is a blue wave sweeping past your throat, opening the way for your voice to flow out of. See these two spaces connected with one another. Feel the things of your heart speaking to you, and then your voice sharing those feelings with the world.

May we be more conscious of what and how we communicate, for this week. Remember, everything is connected- thoughts, heart, voice, will, root- everything.

Made with Square InstaPic

Kunzite: Self-love. A message of love in the highest form. The kind that is required to love others purely. The kind that we can always use more of, and never too much. Because when we come to love our soul’s we also come to understand and love the souls of others through the emotions beyond the lower. Kunzite crystal connects with our heart. It invites in the vast, limitless love of the universe, reminding us that we are our own source of love. Know this week that you can heal from any and all trauma of the heart. Know that self-love is so much deeper than just coming to accept your physical. It’s more than saying, “I love the body I am in.” It’s also saying, “I love the SPIRIT that I AM!” Know that self-love is so expansive and cyclical that it penetrates all facets of your being. Make conscious room and time for self-loving, this week. Fill your heart. Enjoy.


May the light and the fire of this new beginning be within you.

The Love Revolution Blog


Cards pulled from Rachelle Charman’s “The Healing Oracle” Crystal Reading Cards deck


Silvana Alasia’s artwork in the “Egyptian Tarot” deck

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