Weekly Message 7/23-7/30

Buckle up and harness yourself in for a week of soul lessons (and mastery, if you will). If you haven’t heard already, we are entering a powerful portal here soon, opened by the full blood moon (July 27th) and mercury retrograde (July 26th-Augst 19th). I set the intention for this week’s reading to be exactly what we need to hear and feel in preparation for our growth spurt. Really, that’s all we are given to experience when we decide to heal ourselves and become one with who we were meant to be in this life.

May you receive the necessary tidbits for your soul with this message and apply accordingly in your daily living. May you sync with your intuition and your guide, to know just what moves to make (or not make) during this time. Peace be unto you! Open and receive.

“Destruction of the old. Warfare and Conquering. Karma. Perfecting manifestations. Self-mastery.”

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Knight of Swords: “The messenger of ruin” is telling you to prepare for a bit of destruction in your life this week. It could also mean that you’ve been dealing with the destruction of lower-serving things already, and you are reflecting on it all as you feel it coming to an end, finally. Give thanks, either way.  Fear not- destruction comes just when we need it. The ridding of things that are no longer standing in a healthy way is just clearing our personal space for something better, something divine. We must endure waves of destruction every now and then to keep us on track for what is truly ours. The other part of this card’s message is war.

What do you think the ancestors needed when they went to war? Courage. There may also be some feelings of anger that will surface for you this week-either from yourself OR from someone else. The emotion is one of the things that drives our action, so be aware of your emotional state this week. Notice how everything that happens is a response to the energy you emit. If there is a difficult situation that upsets you this week, be sure to recognize your own role in it. Also recognize ahead of time what could come of it if you respond out of emotional imbalance. If it is another person responding to you out of emotional imbalance, then hold your stable ground, and send them healing. Remove yourself, if you can. This could be a part of the destruction. Destruction of habits, routines, ideas, emotions, events, memories, people, places, and things that just don’t do it for you anymore.

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The Fool: Punishment. No, not anyone else punishing you, or the world punishing you. You, punishing you, by not heeding your own lesson brought to you by your own choices. The message is also bringing the energy of the moon, as cycles and phases are apart of us naturally. We go in and out of our own lessons until we decide to learn from them. Mastery of self. So, the punishment card is not just about a little warning to take a step back and look at the source of things that may keep happening to you, but it’s also a little wake-up call. You will continue to see the same patterns if you continue to ignore your energy around it. Avoid your own punishment by consulting your soul and figuring out what you must to fulfill your balance with karma. The answer is always within. Set the intention and receive it.

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4 of Pentacles: “Urei of the North,” closing of accounts. The 4 of pentacles is here to say, it is time again to close the accounts and collect your share. Release that person or that thing that binds you to a part of you that is no more. Let it go and be at peace with it. Be whole. You are whole. There will be moments that will be triggers for you this week. Pay attention to those personal triggers and understand what they are teaching you. Those triggers share a message of removal and closing of accounts. That’s spirit guiding you to fully heal and move forward. We all have experienced trauma, but everyone has not yet learned to let it go for good. The division of goods and closing of accounts is imperative for the next level of abundance.

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King of Swords: Lord of war. As the cards shared with us in our first pull, the theme of war is back again. Push through! This message has also been one revolving in the air the past week, and it is becoming stronger as the weeks come up. Keep going. Only take breaks and rest when you need it. Don’t feel bad for those breaks, either, just use them wisely. The expenditure of your divine energy right now must be wise and well thought-out, which is really a natural thing. When we grow into ourselves, we learn how to naturally assess how we spend or reserve our energy. Now is the time for going, fighting, knowing, doing, building, and collecting. This card is also providing us with the message of spiritual warfare. Look within and realize what you may have been going to battle at with yourself. Why is there resistance? What are you holding onto? What are you afraid of? What needs to be grown within? Sometimes, the war is not with others, it is only within our self. Conquer the lower self and win the war.

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5 of Pentacles: “Urei of the South,” the alignment of desires and divine. The Urei of the South is here to show us the way back to least resistance; the way of the divine. We may be called to observe our own desires, thoughts, and manifestations. Are we channeling the purest form of energy? Are we too concerned about material things that get us to what we are meant to be doing? Are we not trusting in the limitless creation that serves us and is within us? As the moon waxes especially, now is a good time to tune up those manifestations and soul desires. Be more specific, if you must. Get rid of any lingering, and oftentimes subconscious, fears that block the manifestation of your dreams. KNOW that it is all available to you, if you know, see, trust, and receive. This one is also a reminder to check your gratitude daily. Give good energy to the things you are thankful for, genuinely. Water all your crops. 4



Aquamarine: Communication. Aquamarine connects with our throat and heart chakras as it helps us to relax with the divine flow and express ourselves. Perfect for mercury retrograde’s message. This week be introspective of the way you communicate with self and others. How are your thoughts shaping the way you speak and share with the ones you love? The tides of retrograde call us to sharpen our skills once we recognize the areas that have healed, or the ones that still need healing. BE easy on yourself, though. Understand that your communication is something that is both learned from lifetime experiences AND genetically embedded. In other words, there may be areas that you are strong in when it comes to communicating with the universe, but there may also be areas that you could grow in due to your own past events. Whatever it is for you, use the spiritual information that you hear to elevate yourself!

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Brazilianite: Flexibility. Another message in alignment for the preparation of the cosmic energy among us and within. Brazilianite ignites our solar plexus and crown chakras, and it helps us release any stress or resistance. This crystal also aids in decision-making, creativity, and inner peace. Prepare yourself for some extra bending this week, as you may experience times when your agenda or intention will not align with someone or something around you. Honor yourself, honor what you see in yourself through the person or thing and make the best choice for yourself. Know that in flexibility, we learn detachment and release. Increase your ability to detach and release as you navigate this week.



Thank you for tuning into your spirit for this week’s message!

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Egyptian Tarot Cards, Artwork by Silvana Alasia


“The Healing Oracle” Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman


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