Weekly Message 7/16-7/23

Welcome back to a new week, mid-July, amid a new waxing moon! The energy of this week can feel like slight pressure to go get those dreams and manifestations, but it is always crucial to keep our balance with this type of pressure. On one hand, we need the pushes and pulls of the universe to get us to where we should be, but on the other hand, we must use these messages to tune with our highest, so that we are making the best moves on our journey. Let’s look at what the cards have spoken for this week’s forecast!

“May this reading provide clarity, soul encouragement, and healing for all who seek and receive.”


Made with Square InstaPicPetrified Wood: Ancestors. Your ancestors are calling. As you navigate your days ahead, think about your connection to your beloved ancestors. What do you think of when you hear the word, “ancestors,” and how do you connect to the guiding spirits that lived before you? Know that even when we are not speaking with out ancestors, their love and protection is always present. If you are already familiar with your ancestors, and you spend time with them often, they will be upping their communication with you this week. Crystal wise, petrified wood is associated with our base chakra. This week, if you stray too far away from your root, rest in the knowing that you are always safe and protected in this life. Petrified wood is a mineral that connects us to ancient wisdom of tree spirits. It also awakens the knowledge and wise gifts that we have embedded within our hearts and souls. We pulled this card today to remind us that we have the answers that we seek, if only we tune in deeply to our inner wisdom. Our ancestors and guides have passed on through us the ability to heal ourselves. Release worry, this week, and lean on the power of your truth. Know that whenever you need some extra direction or security, you can ask and receive it at any time.


Made with Square InstaPicShattuckite: Teacher. Aligning with the heart, throat, and crown chakras, shattuckite offers encouraging energy to tap into your own experiences so that you can innerstand your wisdom, and then share it with others in need. This crystal also helps with opening the heart so that you can share your growth and experiences from a place of pure intent. This week, you may be called to share something with someone for the sake of your healing and theirs. If you are presented with this opportunity, do not shrink back from your own fear. Instead, trust yourself and your ability to provide a teachable moment to another soul on their journey. It is when we open our heart space and connect with our Highest that we can share and give without condition or fear. This card is also inviting us to connect with our higher teacher guides for clarity, understanding, and direction. If you begin to feel the sense of urgency to complete certain tasks or to go get things done, use this energy wisely. Consult with your higher guides to receive precise instruction on how to move on something.

Made with Square InstaPicBoji Stones: Balance. We are met again with the reminder of balance. Boji stones align all chakra centers as they incorporate feminine and masculine energies. These ancient healing stones we used by shamans for years to bring healing and gifts from the spirit realm. Become on with your spiritual equilibrium, this week. You already know when you are in balance or out of balance with your source, so keep this in mind if you begin to feel a bit off at any point. Don’t forget to be easy on self, but always carry the truth that you can get back in balance whenever you feel the need. There may be energies of overwhelm or pressure but understand that your reaction to these feelings is also your teacher. There could be tests from Universe that will throw your energy off balance, but don’t stay stuck in your own lower feelings. Take the lessons and do what you must to get back to a neutral place. As the days go by, keep notice of your personal balance. Trust that you can always restore it to get back to your space of peace.

Made with Square InstaPicMoonstone: Cycles. As we heal and move forward on our divine paths, we recognize the presence of cycles. Everything that is, has already been. It is up to us to come to a deeper understanding of our cycles and to BREAK them if they no longer serve us. Motha’ Moon gifts us with the flow of cycles and healing, so we can use this natural phenomenon to heal ourselves from past experiences that cause us to create our own blockages. Moonstone crystal connects our sacral and heart chakras for the honoring of life’s natural cycles. Aligning with the waxing moon phase that we are in, we can also use moonstone energy to help us grow in our power. This week honor your current life space an continue to grow with your manifestations. There will be opportunities for new beginnings, this week. Guaranteed. Also, if there has been a project or idea that you have been playing with, show it some good energy this week. Water it. Watch it begin to sprout before your eyes. Clear the way, honor the cycles.


Made with Square InstaPicRuby: Shine. Ruby energizes our sacral chakra, bringing deep closure to old wounds. If you want to SHINE like you are meant to, there must be work done within, first- that’s where the light is. This card showed up to ignite our self-healing for a new level. We are encouraged to restore the areas of our soul that have been pained so that we can live in our power and light. If there are old feelings, traumas, pains, relationships, or memories that come up for you this week, don’t panic and don’t run away from them. Be blessed and grateful for this opportunity to HEAL from them. The only way to shine is to know your own darkness and come through it.


Made with Square InstaPicMorganite: Relationship Healing. Whew. Everything is connected. Our karma is related not only to how we treat others in the present, but how we have treated others in the past…how we have chosen to release and forgive, or not. With the energy of the moon, and quite a few planets entering/exiting retrograde, we will be met with messages that speak to our relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but every kind of relationship that we may have experienced discord in. If there are people who you have had friction with, past or present, and those relationships have caused some sort of pain, then think about what you must do to FREE YOURSELF. This could even mean forgiving yourself, first. It could mean accepting forgiveness or giving it. The heart center is what is being worked on this week. Open the heart and allow yourself to experienced deep healing from old relationship wounds or cycles. If you resolved all past relationship wounds, then focus this week on divine love. Love of self is the key, here. This card is also an invitation to open the heart to RECEIVE divine love. Be open to the possibility that the perfect soul is finding its way to you, right now. When you have declared your openness to receive, and when you have worked hard on your own healing, love begins to flow in so many ways! Be open and receive.


Made with Square InstaPicKnight of Pentacles: Messenger of riches. Be open to an opportunity that will bring abundance and prosperity. As a matter of fact, EXPECT it this week. The knight of pentacles also represents efficient work, effort, and the fulfillment of dreams. During the harvest season, keep the highest in tune so that you know when divine opportunities find you. Stay to the path of your truth and passion, fulfilling your soul purpose! Know that the possibilities are limitless. Endless. Boundless. Open and receive.



May your energy be increased, elevated, and open for abundance this week! Thank your soul for tuning in and receiving.

Peace & Prosperity

The Love Revolution Blog


Reading cards pulled from Rachelle Charman’s “The Healing Oracle Crystal Reading Cards” and Egyptian Tarot by Pierro Alligo and Silvana Alasia

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